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Power content marketing
Bring your brand to life
Work faster and stay compliant

Get to market quickly and seamlessly manage FINRA, SEC, DDO and other marketing compliance frameworks

Federal, State or Local – we have you covered managing talent rights and headless DAM applications

HIPAA compliant and the easy way for your team to stay on brand, manage projects and the lifestyle of content

Provide value, consistency and automate localized creative content

Roleplay the FDA. Include marketing compliance checklists in briefs and automatically manage disclaimers on content

Digital Asset Management

Save time, reduce risk and unleash the power of your content

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The Best Digital Asset Management Software

For Getting Work Done Faster - And Staying on Brand

Modern marketing teams are tasked with managing exploding volumes of data, tracking assets across multiple-channel campaigns, and ensuring employees and agencies stay on brand. Shared drives no longer get the job done, especially in regulated industries where a lack of compliance can result in heavy fines.

IntelligenceBank’s online Digital Asset Management Platform (DAM) makes it easy to create, find, share and track the entire lifecycle of all your digital assets. Now, content management and compliance has never been easier.

Make the most of

your Digital Assets
  • Kiss your shared drive goodbye. Say hello to enterprise DAM Software
  • Upload, store, and manage assets from one secure location
  • Centralize approved creative with permission-based access
  • Find the content you need with Lightning fast search
  • Categorize content with AI tagging and custom metadata

Share Content

  • Email large file links to internal or external users
  • Embed media into private portals or public websites
  • Create once, then instantly update assets across multi-channels
  • Group assets into personalized Lightbox Collections to share with your team

Approve Creative

  • Control the entire content lifecycle
  • Streamline content requests and workflows for final creative approvals
  • Approve downloads for files with Talent Usage Rights
  • Proof and mark-up assets for feedback and collaboration
  • Compare multiple versions side-by-side with Smart Highlights

Templates to create

 content at scale
  • Empower teams to localize marketing collateral with pre-approved Creative Templates
  • Integrated with Approvals and Asset Library
  • Reduce product time and save on Agency Fees
  • Reduce risk to ensure Creative is on-brand

Transform Media

  • Easily convert images and videos into different sizes and file formats. No more converting files in third-party software
  • Crop video footage to share snippets of key content
  • Standardize pre-sets that crop files perfectly to size
  • Edit, transform and download files in bulk

Track what’s important and

stay compliant
  • Track usage rights, talent consent and expiration dates
  • Audit asset usage and how users engage with content
  • Get instant ROI of content impressions linked to your online DAM

Connect to the tools

you use every day
  • Achieve marketing efficiency and brand compliance across your entire MarTech stack
  • Access DAM assets directly within InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Integrate DAM assets with your website CMS, such as WordPress, Drupal, AEM, Contentful and more
  • Edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel files directly inside your DAM
  • Hundreds of out-of-the-box workflow integrations (Handshakes) available. Configurable API for ad hoc integrations

DAM Features

Centralized Asset Library

Store, organize and access all your images, videos, documents and files in one location for a single source of truth. Hundreds of file types supported.

Share Assets

Email asset links to internal users, teams or external agencies via public or private links. Embed DAM assets directly into websites. Update assets across multiple platforms with 1-click.

Metadata Management

Customize metadata fields and embed metadata from IntelligenceBank into your files.

Lightning Fast Search

Search millions of files in seconds according to keywords, metadata filters and custom tagging.

AI Keyword Tagging

Use AI Technology to automatically tag assets with the most relevant keywords.

Custom Welcome Page

Give users a beautiful experience that is true to your brand.

Lightbox Collections

Group assets for specific projects and share them with your team or externally.

Transform Assets

Quickly transform images and videos in different sizes and file formats. Includes presets for social content.

Bulk Upload + Download

Everything is better in bulk!
Save time with easy to use Drag and Drop.

Creative Templates

Create localized content using pre-approved templates that link directly to approved assets.

Asset Relationships

Link assets together with one-to-many relationships, such as grouping images into a campaign, or tracking a model’s talent usage rights across different images.

Asset Review Dates

Set review dates for licensed assets, talent usage rights and promotional end dates. Setup dates for assets to expire and archive.

Workflow Approvals

Deliver approved marketing projects faster. Conditional and multi-hierarchical workflows included. Scenarios include approvals for downloading assets, publishing new creatives, or general feedback.

Proofing & Markups

Mark-up documents, images, videos and other file types with annotations and comments.

Version Control

Maintain a history of all asset versions. Compare different versions side-by-side with associated markups and comments for each version.

Custom URL

Access via your own branded URL.

Main Admin Panel

Manage and control users permissions and access. Configure general settings and run usage reports by users and features.

Asset Reporting

Everything is tracked for compliance. Create custom reports and dashboards on your digital asset usage, expiry dates, metadata and approval information.

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