Benefits of
Online Brand Guidelines

Taking your brand online and making it accessible to all users is the first step towards brand compliance.

To achieve branding that is universal and consistent, online brand guidelines are essential.  Digitizing your style guide guarantees that anyone involved in producing content and communications has access to the latest and greatest version.  It governs the use of your brand by your team and by external parties such as design and PR agencies, and strategic partners.

We’ve all seen poor branding before.  The logo is stretched and blurry and the colours are several shades off, you begin wondering ‘is that Clip Art and has it been designed in Paint?’. This can create a lasting impression and have a negative impact on your perception of that brand.

For all businesses, this is a risk.  Your brand is the identity of your company which must be protected against anything that affects its recognizability or credibility.  Using IntelligenceBank’s BrandHub to shift to online brand guidelines you are able to fortify your brand.

A BrandHub allows you to not only house your brand guidelines online, but also implement processes to make them easy to follow and provides checkpoints to ensure that they have been adhered to.  Conditional logic can be applied to provide automated answers to questions relating to your brand guidelines, allow immediate logo and asset downloads from the digital asset management system and have creative approved by the branding team.  By having automated processes and ways of funnelling requests, you can save up to 30% of your time on administration tasks.

  • Immediate Access - Instead of having multiple versions, your style guide is digitized and can be accessed immediately by any user by logging into your brand portal.
  • External Parties - Agencies and partners can be given access to your online brand guidelines, to ensure they are referring to the correct version and to minimise time spent on administration.
  • Creative Approvals - Creative content can be uploaded to your brand portal for approval by the brand and legal team before publication.
  • Logic Based Answers - Guide users to the answer of their brand query by using logic based questions.
  • Reduce Risk - Incorrect usage of your branding can have lasting negative ramifications, easily accessible information and approvals can minimise this risk.
  • Reduce Administration -  Minimise time spent on administration by making information easily accessible and providing a system to manage requests using automated workflows.

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