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Discover Medibank’s new home for marketing.

How they centralized their marketing operations for an agile world.

With a goal to provide Australians with “Better Health for Better Lives”, Medibank is Australia’s leading private health insurer, with more than 3.7 million customers through the Medibank and ahm brands. In addition to private health insurance, the Medibank group also offers a suite of diversified insurance products including travel, life and pet insurance.

With the wider business experiencing a digital transformation and growth within their marketing department (from 30 to 100 people), Medibank recognized they needed a better way to manage their assets across a wide range of internal and external stakeholders and campaign approval processes. With these challenges in mind, Medibank partnered with IntelligenceBank to implement a marketing operations platform to not only manage and distribute content across teams, but to also act as a central marketing operations ‘hub’ to help better streamline their processes, workflows, regulatory and branding needs.


Medibank Marketing Operations Platform


Medibank needed a robust, interactive platform that met the needs of their brand, marketing campaigns, and regulatory compliance.

Before using IntelligenceBank’s Marketing Operations Platform, Medibank faced the following challenges.

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Lacked traceability: They did not have an audit trail for creative approvals across brand, legal and medical compliance.

Asset Relationship
Ineffective sharing practice: Sharing assets was done via email and through other systems – making it difficult to easily track status.
Asset Relationship

Limited access to brand guidelines: Their brand guidelines were ‘stuck’ in PDF’s and with limited brand compliance, updates were hard to manage.

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Missing a single source of truth: Creative was not managed centrally and as a result it was hard to find, share and use the latest approved assets. They also wasted budget on duplicate creative.

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Admin inefficiencies: The marketing team spent too much time on mundane admin tasks (i.e. sending out the same logo over and over again and manually following up approvals in email or tracking projects in spreadsheets)
“Given our digital assets were held in many places which made rights management and brand compliance difficult to manage, we realized it was vital to establish  a central hub that would make it easy for all parties to access and share compliant content across our wide range of stakeholders.”

Jonathan Goh, Automation and Audience Lead Medibank


As a marketing operational tool that empowers each team member to use, approve and produce marketing content that is on-brand, IntelligenceBank’s platform solves three problems:


  1. Centralized hub to manage digital assets and brand compliance
  • A single source of truth for managing and sharing assets with the wider team.
  • The platform’s navigation bar, simple folder structure, and advanced AI metadata tagging enables stakeholders to easily find approved brand assets and content.
  • Access to online brand guidelines ensures brand compliance at scale with interactive pages that link to brand assets.


  1. Improves collaboration between teams from one convenient place
  • By instantly assigning collaborators to online creative briefs means everyone is on the same page.
  • Digitizing marketing workflows helps move content faster through the marketing compliance process.
  • Incorporating approval workflows saves time and ensures that all published content has been approved by the correct department.
  • Automating simple tasks like notifications and brief processing provides a greater focus on business outcomes rather than chasing paper trails.
  • With the constant influx of inbound marketing requests, a self-serve marketing inbox capability helps manage and reduce the email chaos.


  1. Provides a clear audit trail
  • Controlling how creative assets are being used ensures that important factors such as talent usage rights are being adhered to across all media.
  • Providing a full audit trail and record of ‘who’ is accessing ‘what’ and ‘when’ including


In summary, by implementing IntelligenceBank’s Marketing Operations platform, Medibank overcame several speed and compliance issues by increasing marketing efficiency and getting approved work out the door faster: 

Medibank results

“IntelligenceBank provides a practical approach to modern marketing,” said Jonathan Goh, Automation and Audience Lead Medibank. “Our all-in-one marketing platform has changed the way we work and has improved our marketing efficiency in implementing our overall marketing strategy while achieving consistent brand experience for our business.”
IntelligenceBank NAB Case Study

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