Marketing Resource Managementto streamline marketing operations

One platform. Less stress.
More results.

Work faster and stay compliant with end-to-end campaign management

  • Seamlessly manage digital assets, online brand guidelines and marketing projects in one platform.
  • Approve creative, campaigns and media spend
  • Report on go to market efficiency and creative compliance

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Experience how Marketing Operations Software can help your team get work done faster.

Share digital assets seamlessly
with your team

  • Centralize approved creative with permission-based access for each team member
  • Allow your team to easily access, edit and use files they need
  • Edit transform and collaborate to produce great content quickly

Bring your brand to life

  • Keep your entire team, agencies and stakeholders on brand
  • A central location for your team to self serve logos, images, guidelines and more
  • Showcase best practices and inspire great branding

Stop the email chaos

  • Save time and reduce the chaos with the help of a dedicated “Marketing Inbox”
  • Dramatically reduce time spent fulfilling day-to-day marketing requests
  • Manage the influx of requests by automating responses and direct users to the correct content.

Plan and approve campaigns

  • Centralize your entire campaign management process with briefs, disclaimers and legal checklists
  • Manage messaging, briefing, budgeting, workflows and approvals all in one place
  • Have an audit trail of approvals, track what’s important and stay compliant

Empower your team with marketing compliance

  • Automate your marketing compliance with a disclaimer engine
  • Enable your team to self-serve marketing disclaimers and which fine print needs to go on which content
  • Instant reporting on campaign and content compliance

Connect all of the marketing dots

  • Submit briefs, projects and marketing tasks while having a single view of campaign activity
  • Streamline workflows, content requests and approvals
  • Never miss a deadline with a holistic view of marketing

Track what’s important and stay compliant

  • Have a full audit trail and track who is using what
  • Instantly run usage reports on stored digital assets and see how content is performing in the real world
  • Track talent usage rights with auto review dates and alerts so your content is always compliant

Automate local marketing with creative templates

  • Empower teams to build their own localized marketing collateral with pre-approved templates
  • Reduce creative production time and save on agency fees
  • Minimize marketing risk by automating brand compliance

Integrate your brand portal

  • Seamlessly integrate with tools you use every day
  • Access brand assets from within your CMS 
  • Achieve marketing efficiency and brand compliance across your entire MarTech stack
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Simple to use and great customer service.

The tool is fairly simple to understand and update. I also like how it can be customized to your brand (landing page, colors, menu).

Tathyana Pires
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Our IntelligenceBank platform provides a centralized and streamlined repository for our digital assets, brand guidelines and project requests.

The ability to use one platform for all of these related tasks has helped save a tremendous amount of time and resources. In addition, it has simplified the creative workflow, while providing an easy-to-use system for all of our users.

Andrew McLeroy
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IntelligenceBank serves as a central area for digital content, but it also provides a way for us to communicate in a manner consistent with what each of our three distinct brands represent.

The ability to showcase our Brand Guidelines in a dynamic way increases user engagement and helps maintain brand consistency.

Rhonda Williams
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