Streamline Your Work
With Marketing Workflows

Streamline the execution of marketing activity by introducing step by step processes to increase efficiencies and reduce marketing risk, providing the framework to get work done more quickly.

Day to day operations within a marketing department can be chaotic to say the least, which is why implementing marketing workflows can transform your team from manic, coffee drinking stress-heads to zen, organized do-ers.

As a part of a broader marketing resource management strategy,  workflows exist to bring order and efficiencies to the planning, creation and distribution aspects of your creative processes.   Providing a framework so that work is completed correctly, the first time, every time.  Your imagination is the only thing limiting the types of workflows that can be created to help you streamline your marketing operations and project management.   A well-implemented workflow is a reliable system that makes your team more productive, clarifying roles and responsibilities while ensuring budgets are approved and creative has been given the green light for distribution.  

Each step of the workflow should have an outcome which triggers the next step.  This provides increased transparency into marketing activity and also helps reduce potential risk to the business. Triggers can be set so that a job cannot proceed without approval from managers, brand or legal.

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Top Marketing Workflows

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Campaign, Creative Brief and Marketing Project Forms
With online briefs, specify job numbers, target audience insights, media, single-minded value propositions, due dates and KPIs & provide the framework for stakeholder sign off.
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Creative Approvals & Risk Scoring
Get management, brand and legal approval before content goes out the door.  Elevate approvals with a greater risk score, based on the type of content, media spend and other parameters. 
Pricing Changes
Pricing Changes

When you change price points, you need approvals, impact analysis, backup documentation and of course, an audit trail - necessary for compliance in highly regulated industries. 

Marketing Contracts
Marketing Contracts

As marketing is a ‘spend’ department, workflows make it easy to track all current and proposed contracts, renewals and approvals of expenditure with reporting and tracking.

Tradeshow Sponsorship
Tradeshow Sponsorship

Manage and track all expenditure, leads, ROI and notes on what worked and what didn’t, and link each ‘record’ to creative files such as presentation, booths and collateral.


Marketing Inbox
Marketing Inbox
Bring order to requests from your marketing department by automating responses to common questions to determine which requests have priority.
Brand Asset Downloads
Brand Asset Downloads
With custom download approval forms you can control what is downloaded and by who, ensuring that talent usage rights and other restrictions are adhered to.
Martech Services
Martech Services

Use an online ticketing system to provide various marketing programs with custom URLs, design services, SSL certificates, user licenses, analytics and integrations.  Monitor approvals, time and budget. 

Print or Promotional Jobs
Print or Promotional Jobs
Conditional logic workflows can automate the process of ordering printed or promotional materials from suppliers.  Upload artwork, determine quantities and supply PO numbers and shipping details, then send off for approval.  This reduces brand risk and over spend.

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