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Using Marketing Operations Software to Reduce Marketing and Compliance Risks for Food & Beverage Companies

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Reducing Marketing and Compliance Risks for Food & Beverage Companies


Food and Beverage_DAM_ApprovalIn 2018 a 15-year-old girl died in the UK from eating a Pret a Manger baguette, which failed to list sesame seeds on the label.  The company had 9 complaints in total from people who experienced anaphylaxis as a result of consuming these baguettes and took over a year to update their labelling.  Where people’s lives are at stake, mistakes and slow reaction times such as Pret a Manger’s are not acceptable and pose a serious risk not only to the business but to people’s health.

In America, Australia and across Europe, there are strict laws and guidelines governing how ingredients and health claims must be communicated. These range from listing the ingredients included in food, to warnings about trace elements of ingredients which are known to cause allergic reactions, country of origin and the proper use of terms such as ‘sugar free’, ‘fat free’ and ‘healthy’.  There is an expectation from consumers that manufacturers adhere to these laws and false advertising or mistakes on packaging bring with them significant risks, not only to consumers, but to all stakeholders in the supply chain.

The likelihood of these risks skyrockets with incomplete systems for creative production and distribution, with substantial room for error along geographically dispersed production lines.  Technology closes this loop by placing processes and controls around developing, reviewing, updating and distributing marketing material and labelling content. It ensures that creative compliance starts from the beginning and moves through the correct approval processes.  Effective project management capabilities and enterprise digital management within the one platform also increases visibility for all stakeholders.  By implementing processes around production of marketing material you can ensure that the products walking out the door are ready for the world to consume.  Read on to hear how Marketing Operations Software with integrated Digital Asset Management can reduce risk to your business and streamline your creative processes.

Download this whitepaper to read how Marketing Operations Software:

  • Brings all of your marketing processes into one platform
  • Provides a trackable way to manage creative production and distribution, cutting down on costs associated with other software and agencies
  • Provides a central location for approved creative which can be easily searched, updated and distributed directly from within the platform
  • Streamlines your supply chain and brings internal teams and third parties together
  • Ensures your suppliers and factories comply with your own and legal requirements
  • Reduces risk of a marketing or labelling mistake
  • Allows you to quickly find ingredient labels used at any given point in time
  • Ensures you don’t miss client deadlines
  • Provides a safety net so you don't get sued, fined or fired

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