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See why corporate secretaries and directors love IntelligenceBank Boards

IntelligenceBank Boards streamlines the board meeting process. From publishing a meeting agenda to collecting papers and allowing directors to make personal annotations either online or offline. Great governance is a click away with IntelligenceBank Boards.

IntelligenceBank Boards provides an easy way to securely access and annotate board papers from anywhere, including offline with our iPad App.

Use cases


Product feature image
board portal on ipad
Access the board portal from any computer or mobile device. This includes offline access to files with our dedicated iPad and Android app.
Product feature image
IntelligenceBank Board Portal
Securely enable directors to review, privately annotate and comment on board materials online and offline.
Product feature image
dedicated iPad app
IntelligenceBank's Boards Portal comes with a dedicated iPad and Android App, allowing directors to privately review and annotate PDF's offline - even on planes. private annotations, permissions and document updates made on the app will sync with the web portal when the app is connected to the internet.
Product feature image
Boards agenda
Streamline meeting set up with the Agenda Builder - where users can create discussion topics, structure meetings, and links to specific documents for each meeting. Directors can track the meetings process by ticking boxes during the meeting.
Product feature image
boards email link
Admin and directors can receive automated email alerts when information is added to the board portal. At any time, users can email links to folders and files for directors to view.
Product feature image
boards survey
Customizable surveys can be created for Board Effectiveness and Director 360 Degree Surveys. Receive instant and confidential feedback from your directors. You can also add your own surveys for management of control self-assessment and other governance requirements.
Product feature image
governance register
Create a process around managing conflicts, meetings, risks, director skills, significant contracts and policies. Databases are customizable and workflow can be added to escalate issues internally for audit reports.
Product feature image
workflow approvals and voting
Solve resolutions and approve board meeting minutes quickly, manage quorum settings, audit trails, approvals and workflow triggered emails. IntelligenceBank's dedicated workflow dashboard allows users to run reports on approved, pending and declined approvals.
Product feature image
advanced search and global filters
Everything is easily found in IntelligenceBank. Look for a file by its description, metadata, file name and any keywords you add.
Product feature image
usage analytics
See a granular overview of how directors interact with your platform. The real-time audit trail shows usage results for each director, each board paper and which department.
Product feature image
Post updates to the board to ensure important communications don't get lost in email. Post articles or agendas, and receive comments and instant feedback. Each post can be sent as an HTML email to your directors for instant communication.
Product feature image
Directors index
View a record of board members and other platform users. Add basic profile information, including contact numbers, photograph and a skills rating. A directory for your directors.
Product feature image
customize your board meeting process
Take control of the information you view on IntelligenceBank. Dashboards can be tailored to show the latest board pack, governance registers, risk heatmaps and a calendar of board meetings.
Product feature image
boards planner and calendar
When scheduling committee and board meetings, users can save meeting invites to their personal calendar and respond with their RSVP status, allowing organisers to track RSVP's.
Product feature image
custom branding for board portals
The Board platform can be customized to match your brand and map company governance processes. Match fonts, logos, colors and rename navigation to mirror your Director's needs.
Product feature image
board api integration
Your Board Portal should not be an island. IntelligenceBank's robust API makes it easy to integrate data and documents uploaded to IntelligenceBank with other systems, thanks to our push and pull, out of the box API.

Rated #1 in customer service

One of our core values is six star service in a five star world. That’s why we were rated as the #1 Board Portal Platform for customer service. With IntelligenceBank we ensure you have a successful launch and on-going usage of the platform.

Download our Implementation FAQs


Access control

Users only see information to which they have access. That means, different users can only view, download, publish and/or print to where you grant access. You can give access by user group or by individual.

Data storage, backups, private cloud & self hosted options

Your data is hosted in secure, ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliant data centers either in the US, UK, Canada or Australia - depending on your location (and your choice). For larger corporates, IntelligenceBank offers private cloud options for an additional fee.

Two Factor Authentication

For customers who require additional login security, two factor authentication is available.


IntelligenceBank's servers are protected by separate hardware firewalls, which deliver high performance (as to not inhibit speed of service) and multi-threat protection.

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Mobile access to your files and data.

Access on any device or download our app for secure and encrypted offline access.

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