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Digital Asset Management


The ideal way to manage creative content and streamline personalization projects.

Understanding DAM Software

The term Digital Asset Management (DAM) actually covers a range of software solutions, from an individual’s digital file library or a photographer’s photo database to solutions that resemble enterprise content management. Some DAM software solutions are hosted in the cloud, and others 'on-premise'. The best digital asset management software platforms have core capabilities such as file upload (either one at a time or in bulk), metadata tagging and management, file transformation, usage reporting, workflow approvals, third party sharing and of course, granular search.  

These features make up the core of any DAM platform, however, as DAM software has evolved to be a core component of the MarTech stack, DAM's are also used for creative approvals, managing the creative briefing process and creative production, showcasing brand guidelines, monetizing creative assets and serving as a centralized hub for content distribution across media channels, including social, website and other media. 

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DAM screen

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 Fast Asset Search

Instead of trawling through a chaotic shared drive or Dropbox, lightning-fast search means users can instantly find the creative files they need.

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Enable Self Serve

So your team can instantly search for files, submit creative briefs online and request image downloads; the marketing department isn't repeatedly sending out the same files. 

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Get Local Marketing Right

By enabling stores or partners to create localized versions of company created marketing materials. 

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Integrate Your Creative

Seamlessly integrate media stored in your DAM to social media, websites and other applications.

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Creative Asset Compliance

Enable creative approvals and have a talent
and copyright management process with granular alerts and reporting to avoid fines.

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Bring Your Brand To Life

Showcase your brand guidelines to stakeholders to ensure your team stays on brand.

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