Streamline Marketing Operations 

Beautifully manage creative briefs, approvals, digital assets and marketing projects - all in one place.  Get work done faster, stay on brand and be compliant.

Why Marketing Operations Software?

Just as sales teams need a CRM system, marketing departments need a marketing operations software (also known as MRM software). By managing the entire creative content process in one place, we help you create great content that is consistent with your branding and meets legal and compliance requirements.

Our seamless process to manage content, briefs, budgets, schedules and to distribute approved creative across multiple channels, means once you have implemented a marketing operations platform, you will never look back. 

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Streamline Marketing Processes and Brand Compliance


Photography_DAM_Upload-2Fully Integrated Digital Asset Management 

Our Marketing Operations Software comes with a fully integrated enterprise-grade Digital Asset Management system.  Upload files, individually or in bulk, keep track of versions, preview media online, showcase brand assets, share collections or use annotations and comments to work on files together.  

Use IntelligenceBank's Automatic Keyword Tagger to save time when bulk uploading files.  Advanced AI technology recognizes images and automatically suggests tags for files.


Guidelines colours page-2Online Brand Guidelines

With our pre-defined brand templates, you can showcase key aspects of your brand so they are easily communicated with internal and external stakeholders.  We make it easy to customise these pages so they truly represent your brand.  You can keep them private or share them with the world. 


Marketing Inbox SCREENMarketing Request Automation

A massive challenge for any marketing department in a large organization is interfacing with the rest of the company.  Logo requests, how to request sponsorship, how to initiate a project and other simple requests can often take up your entire day.

By using our ‘front door to marketing’ module, you can automate and manage requests in a methodical manner, track request types and turn-around times.


Approvals copyWorkflows and Approval Processes

Streamline the creative approval process with download approvals, publish approvals and general feedback workflow on any file.  Track history of digital sign offs in a dedicated approvals area.

Use annotations, comments and mark up tools to share feedback with your company and third parties.  Keep a full history of all files with automatic version control and change logs.


Regulatory Review SCREENMarketing Disclaimers Decision Engine

One of the challenges marketing departments face is ensuring the right 'fine print' gets on the right ads.  Empowering your marketing team to automatically understand which disclaimers need to go on which ads, for different products and media ensures:

1. You get it right and avoid fines.
2. You avoid bottlenecks with legal.
3. Your team are aware of their responsibilities to customers.

IntelligenceBank's marketing disclaimer engine makes marketing compliance everyone's job.

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02_IB_Product_Window_KanbanCreative Project Management

Once a brief is accepted, it’s time to assign designers and agencies, allocate job numbers, time spent, due dates and actual budgets – so it’s all reportable.  When a project gets started, you can link it to a dedicated work in progress folder to centralize creative, invoices, media plans and final artwork.

Use Kanban boards, advanced calendars and drag and drop functionality to assign and order tasks and events. 


KEY-METRICS-Tracking_&_Analytics copyMarketing Dashboards with Widgets

Dashboards can be tailored to show outstanding production tasks, expiring assets, budget, recently uploaded assets and outstanding approvals.

Add a workflow matrix for a quick overview of all your resources and the amount of work assigned to them.


Dynamc Creative Template PHILLIP-HELVETICALocal Area Marketing & Personalization

Take local area marketing to the next level with customizable creative templates, giving your team the freedom to customise creative without sacrificing quality.

Our Creative Templates feature can be used to give end users a set of defined options to customize creative. Workflows allow additional approval and tracking processes before printing and you can link templates to assets stored in the DAM.

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2020 Product Shot Risk Dashboard Fin ServicesAudits, Risk and Compliance Features

With brand reputation consistently ranking as the #1 corporate risk, and inaccurate claims in advertising causing large fines and headaches, having a robust system for creative approvals and compliance has never been more important.  It’s vital to score content based on risk profiles, and elevate projects for approval based on conditions.



Seamless Integrations

Your IntelligenceBank software is never an island.   You can login with single sign on, and choose to access your platform directly from Wordpress, Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, Adobe Creative Cloud and hundreds more with our universal connector

Work faster and automate more tasks with IntelligenceBank Handshakes, which provide pre-configured workflow integrations that allow you to connect with an ‘infinite’ number of technologies - such as Dropbox, Facebook, JIRA, Asana, Slack, Shopify and more.


Experience The Future Of Marketing Operations

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Marketing Operations Resources

We have a range of whitepapers, case studies and guides on the topic of Marketing Operations software.
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Implementation FAQs

To ensure your implementation process is efficient & successful we have compiled answers to the most common implementation questions in a short guide. 

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Marketing Operations RFP

Marketing Operations RFP

Download our Marketing Operations RFP template which features an extensive list of questions and features which may be relevant to your Marketing Operations software comparison.

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Marketing Operations Demo

Marketing Operations Demo

Experience our enterprise-grade Marketing Operations software with a custom demo. Our team will organize a custom Marketing Operations software demo specific to your needs.

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Marketing Operations Factsheet

Marketing Operations Factsheet

Streamline your marketing operations to increase efficiencies and ensure brand and marketing compliance.

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