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Learn about six technologies that will protect your business from getting fined due to a marketing compliance breach.

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Safeguarding Against Marketing Compliance Breaches


Marketing Risk AssessmentThe risk of a marketing compliance breach has become a stark reality for many C-suite executives and is increasingly top of mind as governing bodies tighten up rules around acceptable content and claims made by companies. The FDA and Federal Trade Commission’s recent crackdown on social media influencers omitting health warnings about nicotine is a sharp reminder to us all. Your team may produce fantastic marketing and creative content but relying solely on them to enforce compliance fails to account for human error. Especially when there is a revolving door of internal marketing people and agency partners. Ensuring automated technical processes are in place, is vital when safeguarding your marketing department against walking blindly into a compliance disaster.

Ten years ago, when the volume of creative content being produced was smaller, agency partners were fewer and media channels were not so overwhelming, managing the visual basics and compliance requirements for marketing was a much easier task.

As the volume and scale of marketing has evolved, so too have the responsibilities associated with it. This rings especially true for those in regulated industries, where a breach can result in hefty fines, law suits and reputational damage. To ensure creative compliance, all creative content produced needs to meet certain requirements and must not only be checked for false claims but have the appropriate disclaimers included, with sign off from relevant internal stakeholders. Without automated technology, this tends to be a long list of requirements for a busy marketer to remember and an even longer list to implement manually.

To some degree, every marketer has felt elements of this pain, and we know that compliance works best when it’s built into day-to-day operations, as opposed to an afterthought five minutes before the deadline. After all, the six words no one wants to hear is ‘I have to check with legal’.

With that being said here are six ways that technology can protect your business and make your life easier in the process.  Download this whitepaper to read how Marketing Operations Software:

  1. Online creative briefs capture important information from the beginning
  2. Creative risk scoring, prioritizing content with a higher risk profile
  3. Conditional workflow approvals, ensuring that all work going out the door is compliant
  4. DIY Marketing Risk Assessment, start by getting the marketing team to check for compliance breaches
  5. Digital Asset Management as the single source of truth for approved creative
  6. Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning

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