What is Creative Operations Software?

By using a Creative Operations Software , managers and teams can stay organized, work better together, and ultimately have more time to be creative in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

Just like any other department within a business, marketing, and creative teams have set processes they follow to get things done.  Even though it can be difficult to completely systematize that creative process, integrated workflows and digital tools can actually help creatives be more innovative and productive.  By using Creative Operations Software, managers and teams can stay organized, work better together, and ultimately have more time to be creative in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

Creative Operations Explained

From the time of project brief to the execution of a campaign, how the creative team works together and with other stakeholders can be considered a brand’s ‘creative operations’.  Essentially, it’s all about how the behind-the-scenes work happens.  How do different teams collaborate?  How are revisions managed?  How are digital assets stored?  How are deadlines and budgets met?  All of these questions and many more make up a team’s creative operations, and brands can certainly leverage these processes over their competitors.

How can software help?

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Admittedly, the creative process can get complicated.  There’s a lot of work, many feedback loops, and a ton of different stakeholders to manage.  Creative Operations Software is a digital tool that helps teams manage that process.  It’s much more than just a digital content storage solution - it covers the whole process.  From the time an idea is expressed in a brief until it comes to life as a digital asset, Creative Operations Software empowers teams to perform at their very best.

There are many different software solutions out there that support these creative workflows.  Digital Asset Management software (DAM) and Marketing Operations Software are both common among enterprise-level companies and agencies.


Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software

20190528-Screenshot-Browser-DAM-smallOne of the most basic forms of a Creative Operations Software is Digital Asset Management.  The primary purpose of this software is to manage the lifecycle of all of your brand’s digital assets.  With the help of this software, all relevant digital content including photos, videos, audio files, design files, documents, gifs, and presentations can be created, stored, managed, and shared from one central platform.

When creating content, designers and copywriters can edit files on the fly, which comes in handy after they’re notified of a necessary revision they need to make. Additionally, there are also integrated dynamic content templates within the system; allowing for content to easily be tailored in the right format for the right channel and audience.  Content is also stored within the platform, eliminating time spent searching across multiple drives. It is also possible to tag assets and organize them into custom collections; allowing for fast search.

Content within a DAM system can also be tracked and managed . Especially for larger firms, there is often the need to receive approval from legal teams or external talent. Within the system, managers can set review workflows, expiration dates, and assign permissions for proper use of the content.  Once finished and approved, there is also the ability to connect to a third-party platform for distribution via a website, email, or social channels.

More advanced versions of a DAM allow for the ability to create a custom brand portal or hub. This enables branding teams to set brand guidelines, share best practices, establish legal standards, and ultimately bring the brand to life.

Marketing Operations (Also known as MRM) Software

02_IB_Product_Window_KanbanMarketing Operations Software captures the full-scale operations of a marketing team. This kind of software is also known as ‘Marketing Resources Management (MRM)’ software.  Both MRM and Marketing Operations Software are focused on the same thing:  helping marketing managers plan, collaborate, track, and measure the performance of their marketing and creative teams.

This software is super helpful because it helps to not only streamline the creative production process, but it also helps to manage that process against broader business deadlines and budgets.  For many Enterprise businesses, a standalone DAM system is no longer enough.  However, with a Marketing Operations solution, they manage both content and processes.  What this looks like in practice is that managers can better plan projects through the software’s integrated function to write and send creative briefs to agency partners, create calendars, define budgets and set deadlines.

This software also allows for teams to better collaborate through streamlined review and approval processes integrated with other teams like Brand, PR, Finance, and Legal.  Managers can then track projects through an integrated task and project management function, across calendar and Kanban views. The software also allows managers to measure not only the performance of campaigns but also the ROI of those campaigns.

The Benefit

Creative Operations Software solutions are not just intended to be used by management – they are beneficial for the whole team.

For Managers
Managers and directors are first and foremost able to have a bird’s eye view of what is going on within their marketing team. This not only allows them to effortlessly give quick and accurate status updates to their superiors, but it also makes reporting and justifying their place within the organization easy.

Additionally, it ensures good project management standards that meet deadlines and stay on budget.  Insights obtained from the software can also be used to figure out where bottlenecks lie and improve the overall creative process for their teams.

Speaking about their experience with our products, one Creative Operations Director from an FMCG brand said, “ We used to have a separate project management tool which we liked and a Digital Asset Management System, now it’s all together and the wider business is using these tools much more efficiently within the same creative operations platform”.

For Teams

Sometimes employees can feel lost and in the dark with the creative process. A Creative Operations Software helps them feel in the loop and better understand their role within the broader creative process.  Additionally, they also appreciate the automatic digital ‘paper trail’ that is created, which holds everyone equally accountable.  Legal and compliance teams also benefit by having a window into the creative process, which helps them see their role within the process as well.

For Contractors and Agencies

Agencies act as an extension of your team, meaning they also benefit from a centralized Creative Operations SoftwareBy having established brand guidelines and processes in place, agencies can quickly get up to speed with your brand and the way you do things.  With access to your library of pre-approved digital assets, they will know right away which content they can use and which content is either outdated or for another purpose.  This reduces confusion as well as unnecessary calls and emails.

Why You Need Creative Operations Software

Creative Operations Software, like other technology, is intended to make life easier.  Less stress, fewer missed deadlines, and more time for actually doing what we love.  For creatives, that is being creative.  And marketing directors will reap the rewards in the boardroom when they’ve got a team that is organized, collaborative, and able to innovate effectively.

As the pace of work continues to increase technology has a greater role to play.  An investment in a Creative Operations Software will set your company on the right track in the coming years of digital transformation.  Companies able to survive and thrive in this environment are those who continue to optimize their operations; especially their creative operations.



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