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See how our clients manage assets, protect their brands
and transform marketing operations.

Hear from Katie Jimenez, Director, Digital Engagement as she discusses how Baptist Health manage their brand, digital assets and marketing requests using IntelligenceBank.

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Hear from Rion Shelley, Head of Brand, Segment and International as she discusses how Torrens University Australia have transformed the way they work and ensured brand governance through implementing IntelligenceBank.

Torrens University Australia

Hear from our clients
on how we help transform marketing operations.

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IntelligenceBank was the perfect technology for our needs.

We have a very complex brand, and needed a flexible solution to be able to visually explain our brand.

Susanna Hondrokostas
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The ability to showcase our Brand Guidelines in a dynamic way increases user engagement and helps maintain brand consistency.

We chose IntelligenceBank BrandHub because not only does their platform serve as a central area for digital content, but it also provides a way for us to communicate in a manner consistent with what each of our three distinct brands represent.

Rhonda Williams
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Compliance, along with innovation and creativity is an important part of our marketing processes.

Ensuring all creative is on-brand, relevant and complies with both legal and clinical requirements is of the utmost importance, and IntelligenceBank DAM is making this process easy for us.

Fiona LeBrocq
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Our IntelligenceBank DAM provides a centralized and streamlined repository for our digital assets, brand guidelines and project requests.

The ability to use one platform for all of these related tasks has helped save a tremendous amount of time and resources. In addition, it has simplified the creative workflow, while providing an easy-to-use system for all of our users.

Andrew McLeroy
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Simple to use and great customer service.

The tool is simple to understand and update. I also like how it can be customized to your brand (landing pages, colors, menu).

Tathyana Pires
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IntelligenceBank has proven to be a very flexible software platform that has helped us to manage a large number of assets and external users in an effective way.

With the expert assistance of the their team, our implementation was smooth and we have been able to integrate IntelligenceBank with external applications to help manage and distribute our assets. They have been highly responsive to our needs and have custom developed several features in a timely manner for us to achieve our business requirements. I strongly recommend IntelligenceBank for your business processes.

Ashley Nash
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When you choose a platform, make sure it can grow with your needs, and it can mirror the way you work.

That is, make sure the technology can map to your processes, not the other way around. There are many DAMs available, few that offer the level of quality we expected, and only one that meets our demanding needs - IntelligenceBank.

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Blaise Nauyokas
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We needed a solution for external agencies and staff to be able to use for accessing the latest versions of collateral and information.

The IntelligenceBank DAM allows us to manage data, control access and permissions for a variety of user groups and ensure version control for other information and documents. It has additional modules we have plugged in such as Web2Print which streamlines our collateral delivery to the frontline. It’s great software.

Kate Lambart
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