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“Extremely helpful and understanding of our business requirements“

“How the program is so adaptive to individual business requirements. It is the only product I have come across which combines DAM and project management suitable for the marketing needs within our business. Tessa and the team are also extremely open to looking at building extra functionality which makes the platform even more flexible.

This program streamlined our internal processes which freed up so much of the marketing, digital and creative studio. We also have a central source for all our brand guidelines/assets which is going to be a big step forward for us.“

Main Admin, 1000 - 5000 employees

“A great application, one of the best I've used.“

“This software allows me to quickly manage all the digital assets of our company, allowing online annotations and making approvals in a timely manner and being able to see the behavior of the clients in real time.
This software is excellent since it also allows me to have the capacity to develop the whole system, using in a simple way all its functionality for the commercial needs of my business. I can create the necessary number of folders to use, I can change the names of certain functions and move things so that the platform is configured according to my needs as a company.
I can say that this software has an interface that at Visual level looks perfect. Intelligence Bank allows us to customize the pages, in order to give our company a sense of belonging. It seems to me to be a very good and almost complete tool, guaranteeing an optimal performance in my business.
This platform is incredibly flexible. You can configure each module quickly and easily for the different departments, granting different permissions, access and folders for each of the employees, if necessary, you can make changes, always with the supervision of the technical support team.“

Harold A, Project Control Manager, 200 - 500 employees

“More than just an asset library!“

“Simple and easy to use. Clean and modern layout. Can be a basic asset management site or implement the print and template side for even more features.

I like how easy it is to bulk upload assets into IntelligenceBank. Just drag and drop! Also the navigation of the site is super easy but modern.  Having a preview of the files live on the site is fantastic so you can see what you're downloading.

Prior to IntelligenceBank we used Dropbox to share our assets. Now instead of responding to emails such as "do you have..." we can now direct our clients to our asset library and its self serve platform.
Our site can easily be updated and will always have the latest and most up-to-date information.“

Tait W, Manager, 50 - 200 employees

"Best Choice for Global Digital Asset Management"

"We were looking for a DAM for global team use (including China). IB has easy to use/customizable UX interface that makes it easy for wide mix of global users to engage. Also, IntelligenceBank has great video and image cropping capability right within the software to save time and helpful in determining our storage needs. 

Executive Sponsor in Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

“Efficient and flexible“

“The flexibility of the platform is the best. We had to set up different permissions, access and folder for different people and most of it could be done. Also, the platform is very intuitive and easy to use or modify in necessary.

We wanted to consolidate all our digital assets in one place and have them available to various stakeholders (internal and external). We also wanted to have a better classification and control of the assets we have and the platform will help us do that. A nice surprise is that it will also help us reduce some paperwork and connect other platforms to IB which facilitates social media and website administration.“

Main Admin, Hospitality, 5000 - 10,000 employees

“Sophisticated platform that allows us to manage brand content, guidelines, logos and assets“

“For us, it's fantastic having all things brand on the one platform and is accessible by 33,000+ employees (including Marketing), as well as multiple external agency partners. Features include:
- Brand Hub: where we house all of our guidelines, logos, assets, image library, etc
- Toolbox: where feature a knowledge base to answer those FAQs (and can measure CSAT), plus
- Ask the team: A complex form with conditional fields aimed at resolving requests with a single response which means that no longer use emails
The platform offers insightful reporting and data capability (including dashboards) that allows us to evolve and grow the platform, as we do.

The Intelligence Bank platform provides a one-stop shop for all things Brand that can be accessed by internal employees and external parties. It lets us better manage our assets, and track usage/page visits/downloads, send alerts and keep people informed when changes occur. It also offers detailed reporting options that allow us to evolve and grow our content (and the platform itself).“

Chris S, Group Brand Manager, 10,000+ employees

“Traffic and Production Manager“

“The platform is super intuitive - it's great to have the ability to build out the functionality yourself so that the platform works for your business needs. You can create folders, move things around and re-name them so that the platform is set-up to how you need it.

Visually it looks great. It's great to see our brand come to life on the platform with the brand guideline custom pages. It's a great tool to launch our new brand architecture and provide all the rules around how to work with our brand to ensure consistency across our business.

We now have a centralised system to save our brand guidelines and brand assets where our team can self service by downloading the logos, images, icons etc that they need. This has already saved the brand team and our in-house studio loads of time as we no longer need to email/attached assets to the team.

It manages our campaign briefing from start to finish including all our briefs are approved before we even start work. We then have a process for stakeholders to review/approve campaign creative assets before they are dispatched.“

Marketing Operations Consultant, 200 - 500 employees

“Highly Configurable Marketing Operations Platform“

“The customizable interface to best suit each marketing team's needs. As workflows evolve, IntelligenceBank can adapt without breaking the fundamental infrastructure of the tool.

IntelligenceBank DAM and their full suite of Marketing Operations helps solves for a single source of truth and accountability within the marketing workflow. This platform allows the marketing team to traffic centralized and bespoke marketing work while gating the steps to identified roles. This has helped streamlined the larger workflows that are exchanging across multiple hands internally, externally, and regionally.“

Main Admin, 500 - 1000 employees

“A great product for internal and external users“

“I like that it's easy to use - very intuitive, it is a true DAM without all of the expensive add ons that we wouldn't use and the local team helped make the process easy.

Our drive that used to have all of our photos is gone - thank goodness. I no longer waste hours on DropBox, Yousendit etc. Our team and our external managers have seamless access to all of our digital assets and they can expire images as required. We are increasingly using it in the creation of new collateral and should do more of this.

I've recommended it many times, and Agencies are surprised that IntelligenceBank is not better known. They all wish their other clients had it.“

Jocelyn D, Brand Manager 5000 - 10,000 employees

“Excellent Storage and Search Tool“

“I like the ability to tag and filter to be able to achieve precise search results. I like how easy it is to download images, and having a preset to crop or resize images is really helpful

Searching for images within IntelligenceBank is much less time consuming than searching for images on our server. When the connector is working especially, our proposal process is more efficient.

Lauren G, Marketing Specialist, 200 - 500 employees

“Very Easy to Use“

“It is very easy to use and we are finding new ways to utilize it all the time. It works great with different workflows and different teams within our company.“

Main Admin, 200 - 500 employees

“Seamless digital asset management“

“We have only begun to use Intelligence Bank however, our experience so far has been fantastic. We are able to easily catalog our marketing files, photos and videos for easy reference in the future. Previously it would take us hours to find the perfect photo and now it can take a mere few seconds.

With IntelligenceBank we are able to streamline our workflows for all contributors. So far we have benefited from being able to find our photos and marketing assets quickly and efficiently - searching by description, content and title etc has made our work a lot easier.“

Alexandra D, BDM, 1000 - 5000 employees

“Makes finding everything so easy.“

“The most helpful thing about IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management is the ability to bulk tag and edit items. If you are looking for photos that all have blue sky's, make sure you bulk tag them all, then you will find what you're looking for in a matter of minutes!

I totally recommend using IntelligenceBank. It creates an ease of access to all of your assets that is unbelievable. They also provide top notch customer service.

We have solved the issue of using too many man hours and billed hours to find specific photos. Now, when we picture what a photo looks like, we type a few things into a search bar and the photo appears, no more wasting time and money.“

Main Admin, 1000 - 5000 employees

"I was blown away by its capabilities and innovative solutions"

"One of the main problem-solvers for us was the ability to create/partition multiple asset portals for our partners. IB allows us to create a customized portal for each of our partners, making it easy for them to access their company files and assets. This feature saves us time and allows us to focus on partner expansion all across the U.S.

My advice to others looking into IB is to not hesitate and connect with one of their sales/consultants. No need to be shopping around when this system has everything you might need in one place. They will advise on what's best for your business and not pressure you into buying anything. But it's hard not to buy when everything you want is there for you!"

James R, Main Admin, 1000 - 5000 employees

"Great tool and great team to work with"

"Previously our sales network made up of independent contractors didn't have consistent access to up-to-date marketing and sales materials. We were using OneDrive in the past, but since every sales rep has their own company, we found that permissions would expire. This has also given us a great way to organize this information, manage updates and house photos. I have received so many compliments on the site from its ease of use and just having one tool to house everything. As a marketing manager, this makes it easy for me to distribute the most up-to-date information to our internal and external partners."

Samantha B, Marketing Manager, 50 - 1000 Employees


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