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Modern Marketing is an ever-changing industry, so staying on top of doing things as efficiently and effectively as possible requires constant attention. Managing a marketing team in an industry as dynamic as this doesn’t come without its challenges.

Good tech can really help reduce the leg-work and free up your team, allowing more time for actual innovation across your campaigns & marketing initiatives that can’t otherwise be simply automated. 


Mrm software


So what is MRM, and what part does it play here?

MRM (Marketing resource management) software is a technological solution that provides you with a way to efficiently manage the backend operations, people, and processes that power your marketing programs and campaigns. 

These tools help teams manage and centralize marketing projects, from entire campaigns or one-off assets, while providing an integrated environment for content planning, production, governance, and execution. 

A robust MRM should streamline marketing projects end-to-end, everything from content planning, and creation to distribution, and like any piece of software, should slot in seamlessly with the rest of your tech-stack. Uniquely, MRM Software also is critical in helping teams manage brand and marketing compliance. 

What challenges does MRM technology help you overcome and what does it offer?

This guide will walk you through what MRM does best.


1.  Creative Project Management

The fast-paced nature often required to keep ahead of the competition in the digital marketing space can easily lead to bottlenecks & miscommunication within internal teams. 

Advanced MRM systems can help to resolve this problem by offering multiple ways to clearly view your team’s upcoming, and in-progress tasks. MRM software displays all your projects in an easy to understand at a glance, visual layout.

Using either ‘Kanban’ or ‘Calendar’ views, you can get a snapshot of where tasks currently sit within their workflow, and allow the easy identification of potential inefficiencies within the completion process.  

Crisis Communications Hub Kanban

With features such as ‘calendar view’ allowing for a holistic view of projects planned for the day, week, month or year, allowing you to confidently manage multiple projects without getting overwhelmed. 

Managing multiple creative workflows can often lead to wasted time & effort sourcing required assets, our next point will share ways an MRM (Marketing resource management) can further improve your marketing efficiencies. 


2. Centralize Assets

Organizing & storing your assets is a vital component to managing large volumes of assets. Whether it is documentation, videos, or images, an advanced MRM system can greatly reduce the time spent on locating your assets, and freeing-up your resources to allocate to non-automated activities such as creative collaboration within your team.

  • Creative Approvals – Easily share creative to brand, legal and other teams for digital sign off and an audit trail of acceptance.
  • Single Source of Truth – Ensure your team is working on the same, approved set of assets, which can be seamlessly integrated into your website, email marketing and other MarTech applications.
  • Automate Creative Review – Always adhere to talent usage requirements, and automate expiration of creative with outdated claims and legal copy instantly.
  • Track Records – Track expenditure against targets to ensure your team stays on budget.
  • Bring Your Brand To Life – Showcase your brand guidelines online, so they actually get used by your stakeholders and agency partners.
  • Manage Tasks & Projects – Never miss a deadline or task with project databases, task management and dashboard reporting

Another important advantage of an MRM is to improve the effectiveness of your brand consistency in both messaging & governance. 


3. Workflows & Approvals

Modernize your teams’ approval process. Avoid days spent sending versions back & forth.  All too often, it can be the case of 10+ versions of the same asset floating around people’s inboxes. Say goodbye to your inbox and manage approvals in a more collaborative environment.

Implementing the correct MRM can vastly improve your team’s workflows by reducing the time required for reviewing & feedback, allowing your team to get that highly sought after tick for final approval.

Advantages offered by IntelligenceBank software include:

  • Empower your team to collaborate in real-time with mark-ups, alerts, and audit trails. 
  • Annotate and make comments directly onto creative assets – including PDF’s, audio and video files.
  • Compare version drafts side-by-side to instantly see where changes have been made.
  • Access every creative version together in one location for better record keeping.
  • Associate files, comments, and all drafts to Projects and keep track of exactly what your team is working on.


4. Brand Governance

Taking advantage of third-party agencies is an effective way to allocate a more specialized skill set within your marketing strategy. Whether it is an agency who manages your social, paid search or print, it can, all too frequently, result in misuse or inconsistent use of your branding. 

Advanced MRM software includes a range of features that protect against poor branding, from both internal misuse to external brand compliance. We offer multiple features including an advanced DAM (Digital Asset Management) empowering your creative and marketing teams to easily find the approved assets they need, and BrandHub; an environment that safeguards your brand integrity and decreases production time while removing the opportunity for misuse.

Brand Governance within MRM includes: 

  • Ensure only Brand Approved assets are accessible, 
  • Keep track of who is accessing what files.
  • Thorough approval process 
  • Disclaimer Engines
  • Custom Templates


5. Reporting & ROI

Reporting is a vital component of any process, as clear & relevant metrics can be the difference between success and failure. MRM reporting allows for a fully customizable dashboard that empowers managers to easily identify areas where team’s member may be above or below capacity.

Further, advantages include, understanding what team’s upcoming tasks are, and a ‘progress bar’ feature that allows you to track budgets at-a-glance, providing a snapshot of current activity, giving you insight as to where potential problems may arise.

The right MRM can empower your marketing team to increase productivity while staying compliant.

If you want to learn more about IntelligenceBank, what MRM is and how a full feature MRM system can help you, please feel free to contact us and see how we help you grow your brand. We would love to book a custom demo with you and show you why IntelligenceBank ranks as one of the best MRM systems. 

Contact us to find out how we can help you transform your marketing operations with Digital Asset Management, BrandHub (Brand Management Software), and Marketing Operations Software (project management, workflows, creative approvals, and more).