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What is Marketing Compliance – and How to Automate Marketing Risk Assessment

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Let’s face it.  No one wants to make headlines for the wrong reasons and ‘sorry dude’ from the agency freelance creative isn’t enough – when brands can receive millions of dollars in fines for breaching advertising or regulatory communications standards.  This can easily happen when an agency freelancer who means well, simply forgets to include on an ad the required fine print for the product, media channel and geography.  

Or sometimes without enough checks and balances, an ad or social media post can go out that is simply in poor taste – because marketers don’t understand the brand.  And in an instant comes the waterfall of customer distrust, internal chaos and heads rolling.

Usually, this happens because your marketing team is working in chaos – across machine gun email for approvals,  multiple shared drives, and spreadsheets. Not working within a formal marketing approval process and not having a marketing system of record that encompasses the following key capabilities leaves marketing quality and compliance at risk:

1. Digital Asset Management
To categorize, store and share approved creative files.  This ensures only files that have been vetted by your marketing and legal teams and are compliant with talent usage rights are used by your broader team.

2. Creative Workflows and Proofing
To approve creative amongst marketing, legal and creative teams with smart comparisons to automatically detect differences between versions.

3. Campaign Briefing
With content risk scoring so creative with price points and elevated media spend get seen first by legal and senior management.

4. Online Brand Guidelines
To keep everyone on brand and to educate people on what works and technical style guides.

5. Disclaimer Engine
To automate which ‘fine print’ disclosure should go on which ad and to automate the population of disclaimers on branded content.

6. Marketing Risk Assessment
To formally review campaigns against brand and regulatory compliance standards before it launches. Just like pilots have pre-flight checklists, marketing teams need the same.


To learn how some of the world’s biggest brands get to market faster and at the same time, avoid fines and manage creative compliance, request a demo or learn from your peers:







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