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Westpac Marketing Champion of the Year Winner

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IntelligenceBank Westpac Marketing Award

IntelligenceBank congratulates Paula Avendano for being awarded Westpac Marketing Champion of the Year.


Paula led the IntelligenceBank implementation for Westpac’s end-to-end Marketing Operations platform – known as Base as well as other regulatory and special projects helping the team the marketing team to be more efficient whilst ensuring compliance when developing marketing campaigns.

Base is Westpac’s single source of truth for Westpac’s marketing compliance approvals for branded content and marketing campaigns, used by over 1600 internal and external stakeholders.


Westpac use IntelligenceBank for adding briefs for marketing campaigns and collateral change requests; gathering feedback, and submitting approvals for assets to be market ready.

Here are some of the features Westpac Use,


`Marketing Operations is somehow an area that is overlook in most organisations as it looks after all things that are not that sexy about marketing: processes, compliance and reporting. However, with the work we have done in the last 3 years in simplifying our processes, making things easier for marketers to develop campaigns and ensure they are doing the right thing; marketing operations is becoming the essential for succeeding in competitive industries such a banking. The partnership with IntelligenceBank has allow us to go beyond ‘good ways to working’, with the implementation of Base our marketing managers are focusing more on strategic thinking and in helping our customers as the platform provides them with robust workflows which ensure they are following the right processes and being compliant. I look forward to continue enhancing our processes with the help of IntelligenceBank’

Paula Avendano, Marketing and Digital Operations Lead Westpac


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