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Digital Asset Management

What is a headless DAM?

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At IntelligenceBank, we are seeing more customers use our Digital Asset Management (DAM) software not only as a front-end portal to manage assets and content compliance – but as a way to power dynamic marketing and improve their content governance through the use of our ‘Headless DAM’ feature.

What is a Headless DAM?

A Headless DAM is Digital Asset Management software features without a user interface or front-end.

Traditional front-end human DAM users typically log into the DAM software, search for files, download them, transform them into different sizes and formats or even upload files with custom metadata.

The end-user of a Headless DAM dynamically connects with other software and services using an API. While ultimately a person consumes the final content, the Headless DAM’s first ‘consumer’ is the software service that delivers the content to another portal or application in a format and structure needed by that downstream service.

When to go headless?

If you have several applications or portals that rely on the same documents, media or images to be served in multiple places, Headless is the way to go. It removes duplication and can automatically establish one to many relationships between files and systems.

For example, if you are a company with several brands or divisions and are selling the same product across multiple websites, you would not want to manually upload the exact product image and its corresponding descriptions and metadata to several different sites. Instead, you would dynamically distribute the same file to multiple destinations using the DAM’s CDN (Content Distribution Network) link.

To find out more about the ins and outs of the Headless DAM movement, download the white paper.

To learn more about IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management, BrandHub and Marketing Operations Software can help your team transform content marketing, contact us.

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