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Blog Banner Creative Approvals made Simple

Simple Creative Approvals

If you’ve ever approved the wrong ad that ran at the wrong time with the wrong assets, you’ll know what it is to feel two feet tall. But take solace friends, it happens all the time. Mostly because so many marketing teams lack sufficient systems and processes to manage creative approvals. Instead, they scramble for feedback via emails, Slack, and texts that have sketchie audit trails. So, it’s not surprising things slip through the cracks. If you are a small team, you can maybe get by, but if you have more than 10 people who need to provide feedback, it’s time to upgrade your martech stack and try a simple yet more bankable way to manage creative approvals.

Simple Yet Thorough

At IntelligenceBank, we can help you simplify and unify your creative approval workflow process to a point that people actually want to use it. As well as the basics of version control proofing and approval tracking, the system can generate reports measuring efficiency and marketing compliance to aid improvement.

When it’s easy to review, proof and approve all manner of digital, print, video and web assets your team will quickly see it’s easier to work within a process than outside of it. The screens below show a fraction of our workflow functionalities…

Website MarkupandComments Screen 2023 815x380

Centralize proofing and markups

One of marketing’s biggest time suckers is the content approval system. IntelligenceBank streamlines Proofing and Approvals by replacing email chaos with a transparent structure. It makes mark ups, sign offs and version control clear and traceable.

Reporting Dashboards Expired Assets Screen 2023 815x380

Manage usage rights

Integrating digital assets such as talent, music, stills or footage within the creative workflow makes it easy to control access to approved licensed material. Dashboards save hours of admin by flagging assets about to expire.

Approvals Approval Centre Screen 2023 815x380

Be across the status of all content

Dashboards enables users to group together pieces of information into a control panel like view. They can be set as a homepage to display intel front and center as well as allow customization of user permissions.

Compare Versions Screen 2023 815x380

Compare versions

Effortlessly conduct rapid asset comparisons by using tech that not only allows visibility of multiple versions of an asset simultaneously, but also automatically highlights any differences.


Simple does not mean basic or slap dash – quite the opposite. In fact, when you implement a straightforward creative workflow process within your organization, you’ll see benefits like:

Improved Quality Control:
Creative approvals are essential for ensuring that creative work meets the standards and guidelines set out by a brand or organization. Approvals help to ensure that creative work is accurate, relevant, and consistent with the overall brand message and values. Best of all, as approvals are traceable, there is no second guessing whether the Brand Manager or Legal have green lit the work. If you’re operating in a regulated environment, this is critical. 

Reduced Brand and Regulatory Risk:
Approvals reduce the risk of mistakes or errors in creative work, which can have negative consequences for a brand or organization. By ensuring that work is reviewed and approved by multiple stakeholders, any issues can be caught and corrected before they become public. 

Better Collaboration:
Approvals can help to foster collaboration between different teams and stakeholders involved in creative work. By involving multiple parties in the approval process, everyone has the opportunity to provide feedback and contribute to the creative process. So when the ad runs, no one can complain they haven’t seen it!

Streamlined Workflow:
A well-structured approval process can help to streamline the creative workflow by setting clear expectations and deadlines for each stage of the process. This can help to ensure that projects are completed on time and to a high standard.

Improved Communication:
Creative approvals can also help to improve communication between different teams and stakeholders involved in the creative process. By providing a clear framework for feedback and approval, everyone involved in the process knows what is expected of them and can work together more effectively.

Nothing derails getting great creative work out the door with confidence and speed quite like a clunky or loose approval system. By incorporating a simple, well-designed approval process into their workflow, brands can ensure their creative work is of the highest quality and effectively communicates their message to their target audience. It also stops cost overages and ensures all work is on brand and complies with any mandated regulatory framework.

Whether you have a lengthy, complicated approval process or no process at all, contact us to learn how simple creative workflows can be.