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Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management Showcase: Scandinavian Designs Furniture

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Scandinavian Designs are a modern and contemporary furniture retailer with an omni channel business that focuses on furnishings for every room in your home.  Their focus is on quality and value for every budget, where their customers will find the perfect solution to enhance their space.  We interviewed Creative Director Eric Knight whose team recently implemented IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management software to solve the following problems:

  • Digital assets in multiple locations
  • Unable to easily search through thousands of images
  • Difficult access to all digital assets for retail stores and partners
  • Distribution and tracking of assets from within the platform

Before IntelligenceBank what were some of the challenges you faced when managing content?

Our images were living in multiple locations (hard drives, on servers, on random computers!) and it was always difficult to find anything when needed.  This was a problem as we shoot for our lifestyle catalogues seasonally and have thousands of product shots that need to be properly stored.

How do you use the software?

Onboarding our assets within the IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management system was phase one of our implementation.  With Tags and image types, our assets are now easy to locate.  It’s given us a global view of our vendor and lifestyle images which we’ve never had before.

In the next phase, we will roll the tool out to our cross-functional partners as well as our fleet of stores to access.  Since the tool can handle all types of documents, we will flow promotional materials, line sheets, instructions and more through the tool for stores and teams to view and download.

What do you like about it?

The tool is really intuitive.  The way our IntelligenceBank site is customized it allows us to tag with keywords and filters to really specify what the user is searching for and get the right returns / results.  It’s incredibly easy to use and set up / change things – it’s very flexible in terms of organization and structure.

Tips for others getting started?

Allow yourself time to get the assets uploaded into the tool.  Work with your internal teams (I designated an IntelligenceBank admin from each cross-functional department) and pinpoint ‘super users’ – they can work directly with their department to figure out how they can best utilize the tool.


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