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Proofing and Approvals – New Features

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IntelligenceBank is continually reviewing our most popular tools and updating them with new features.

The earlier release of Proofing and Markup Comments added a collaborative space within Approvals that allowed users to give and receive feedback within the context of an approval.

The latest (August 2021) Proofing release enhances the tool even further. Workflows just became more streamlined and interactive with the following new features:

  • Search, filter and report on comments
  • Markup and download files with advanced annotations
  • Request file changes in real time (and set up alerts)
  • Upload new versions & revisions within the same approval request – track who uploaded what, and when
  • Time stamp comments on audio files
  • Comment threads captured in one intuitive and integrated space


To find out more about what’s new in Proofing contact us.

IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management, BrandHub and Marketing Operations Software is used by leading health providers, banks, insurance, and retail brands worldwide. Our all-in-one platform helps move content through the marketing compliance process so you can get work done faster, have an audit trail of approvals, track what’s important and stay brand compliant.


To step up your marketing with consistent content while keeping everything compliant and efficient, contact us. We’ll share best practices for optimization, creation, distribution and management of all your marketing content.

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