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Digital Asset Management

One Digital Asset Management System To Rule Them All

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Public sharing is one of the many features which distinguishes your IntelligenceBank software from a simple Digital Asset Management system (also known as DAM system). Your platform can be used as a single source of truth for digital assets and acts as a gatekeeper to all content, making it easy to manage usage and reduce compliance risks, while saving you time.

We all want to get maximum mileage out of our content, pushing it to the far corners of the digital realm. As such, monitoring and tracking usage of assets is difficult, and updating creative is a nightmare for all marketers.

When files are publicly shared from IntelligenceBank, they can be added to social media posts, used in websites, or inserted into EDM’s, simply by sharing and embedding links. You no longer need to download assets from IntelligenceBank to upload them to other platforms, especially with on-the-fly transformations, allowing you to add custom parameters where needed.

Sharing directly from your platform reduces the time spent uploading content across your MarTech stack, as edits and updates require only to be applied to the master file. Imagine for a minute that your logo has changed and needs to be replaced across all sites and online content. When shared publicly, you will be able to add a revised version which will automatically update the asset wherever it’s been used, within minutes.

Being able to easily update assets when usage rights expire or strategy changes and having a view of your online presence makes this one of your most powerful marketing tools.

Certain features have been incorporated specifically to remove risks associated with having centralized online assets.  Files can be ‘checked out’ by main administrators, meaning that only users with specific permission can update or remove public files. Workflows can also be put in place as an added measure, to ensure changes follow the correct chain of command.

This ‘one to many’ feature consolidates the usage data of all publicly shared links for a single asset, giving you access to key metrics and allowing you to make informed decisions. From here you will be able to view how many impressions each public asset has had, the links of where and when it has appeared and impressions of those individual links. Such information can be used to determine what kind of content is performing well, decide on future strategy, and when to remove or re-design assets.

These features are accessed via an icon that appears on each public asset. It transforms if your content has been used publicly in the last 30 days and links you to a dashboard of statistics for that asset, giving you the ability to quickly audit your DAM and make informed design decisions.

Visit the helpdesk to read more about public sharing features, or contact a member of our team for more information.

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