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New Kapish Connector

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IntelligenceBank has partnered with Kapish (a Citadel Group company) to integrate selected business process management applications.

The new IB Content Manager Connector will seamlessly integrate IntelligenceBank’s DAM, Marketing Operations, Board Portal and GRC software with Kapish’s TRIM and Micro Focus Content Manager products.

While many organisations and Government departments use TRIM and Content Manager as their system of record for enterprise records management, there is a clear need to use bespoke business process management applications to manage more niche applications such as Digital Asset Management and Marketing Operations, Online Board Portals, and Risk and Compliance Registers. The new Connector gives customers the best of both worlds.

Citadel CEO Darren Stanley said “At The Citadel Group, we specialise in enterprise information management in complex environments. Through Kapish, we deliver an extensive range of software solutions that enhance productivity, workflow automation and system integration. Our partnership with IntelligenceBank provides a fantastic opportunity to extend the capability of our Content Manager solutions to drive business efficiencies whilst maintaining corporate records compliance”.

The Kapish IntelligenceBank Connector for Content Manager enables users to realise a range of efficiencies, including:

IntelligenceBank DAM and Marketing Operations – enables marketing teams to centralise creative assets, transcode files on the fly, seamlessly integrate with Adobe CC and several web content management systems and manage marketing workflow approvals and marketing projects. When ‘work in progress’ files need to be archived, they can automatically be sent to TRIM and Content Manager

IntelligenceBank Boards – enables corporate Boards, Cabinets and Government committees to create online agendas, approve resolutions out of meeting and schedule meeting dates. When a meeting is finalised, the Kapish IntelligenceBank Connector will enable board meeting packs to be sent to TRIM and Content Manager as the final system of record

IntelligenceBank GRC – enables Risk and Compliance Managers to manage policies, risk registers, conflicts of interest and corporate controls. At the end of each audit, risk and compliance data can automatically be stored within TRIM and Content Manager via the Kapish IntelligenceBank Connector

Tessa Court, CEO of IntelligenceBank, added that “We are delighted to partner with Kapish to deliver operational efficiencies to their clients. Kapish share our mission to make business processes seamless and we look forward to working closely with them to achieve great things in the future”.

About Kapish
Kapish is a Tier 1, Micro Focus Platinum Business Partner and provides customers with the best software, services and support for all versions of the Electronic Document and Records Management System, Content Manager.

Kapish is a member of The Citadel Group (ASX: CGL). Citadel specialises in managing information in complex environments through integrating know-how, systems and people to provide information on an anywhere-anytime basis. We are a leader in the development and delivery of managed technology solutions. The majority of our revenues are derived from long term managed services and software-as-a-service solutions.

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