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How IntelligenceBank helps NAB bring its brand to life

NAB, one of Australia’s largest banks, has a dynamic and complex brand. NAB’s Brand team supports its master brand, a portfolio of sub-brands and an international network.

To ensure all creative adhered to brand guidelines, NAB needed an online solution to manage operational processes.

This includes:

Custom Welcome Page

Digitizing NAB’s brand guidelines

Asset Relationship

Automating logo requests

Bulk Upload - Download

Storing & sharing brand files

Custom Welcome Page

Onboarding agency & employees

Before using IntelligenceBank’s online brand portal software, the NAB brand team managed thousands of pages of its brand guidelines in a PDF document, which meant revising, maintaining and distributing them was a herculean task. Based on research NAB commissioned, both their primary audience group (creative designers) and secondary group (marketers) wanted the same thing—the key brand details they needed in one view.

NAB didn’t want to trawl through pages of guidelines that put the onus on the designer to cross-reference and try work out what the brand wanted. The first implementation of the NAB Brand Hubs was an online version of its existing brand guidelines. By using several of IntelligenceBank’s customization features such as custom pages and custom navigation, the first version of NAB Brand Hub helped to bring the brand to life and made it easy to access specific pages on demand. After working with NAB for over five years, IntelligenceBank saw that NAB’s requirements for their Brand Hub continued to change and evolve — especially as the business and brand strategies evolved.

The evolution of BrandHub

NAB decided to take an entirely new approach to the way its brand guidelines were experienced. They wanted the guidelines to be customer-focused, contemporary and fresh, just like its brand
NAB’s design and user experience agency put forward a strategy which would eventually mean a complete redesign of the entire NAB Brand Hub platform, creating different user journeys and enabling guideline content to be repurposed across channels. This required not only for NAB to repurpose its guidelines, but it also meant that IntelligenceBank needed to enhance its custom page functionality to enable sections of online guidelines to be used in multiple places. For instance, the “color” guidelines should be a single HTML page that can be used across guideline channels such as digital, print and more.

How we delivered NAB BrandHub

As a result of NAB and IntelligenceBank’s close working relationship, a new approach to BrandHub was created to ensure the new guidelines strategy and technology were aligned.

This included:

Developing interactive
reusable content

Reworking the
navigation menu
and functions


NAB’s BrandHub was released in January 2016 and has been continually improved since.

“Just tell them (IntelligenceBank) what you want to achieve—not how. Their job is to work that out, that’s what they do—and they’ve done that for us consistently over the last 5 years. And if a feature isn’t available immediately, customer ideas always make it on their roadmap.”

– Samir Elbelli, Brand Consultant at NAB

What really satisfies NAB about its IntelligenceBank Brand Hub is IntelligenceBank’s ease of use and flexibility.

IntelligenceBank NAB Case Study

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