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Drinking Our Kool-Aid: Managing Customer Implementations

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How IntelligenceBank’s North America team uses our Marketing Operations Platform to manage customer implementations   

Here at the IntelligenceBank office in North America, we are not immune to the challenges of creative project management. Our implementation team works with clients from Miami to Vancouver and everywhere in between, with up to a dozen or so in progress at any given time.

A typical Digital Asset Management or Marketing Operations Software implementation involves a myriad of schedules, sub tasks, branding elements, outside designers, and technical deliverables.  And as we have an internal mantra to ‘drink our own kool-aid’ whenever possible, we built an IntelligenceBank Marketing Operations platform for our implementation team. Here is a quick overview of how we are using the tool internally to keep track of our projects:

  1. Databases: we use databases and forms to track each client, their licenses, and any implementation or consulting projects.
  2. Kanban: this new view allows us to see our tasks and workload at a glance, while also providing insight into the progress of each project.Implementation Kanban
  3. Calendars: we are able to stay on top of project milestones and upcoming project deadlines using this view.Client Implementation Calendars
  4. Alerts and Approvals: using these, we are able to seamlessly communicate key points in the implementation process across the team and dashboards instantly tell us about upcoming deadlines and overdue tasks.
  5. DAM: by creating related folders for client records, we are able to store any digital assets, color swatches and fonts associated with the implementation or consulting projects right alongside the tasks.Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 2.33.37 PM

We have also built in internal SLA’s with alerts and due dates, to ensure our global implementation team is able to deliver all projects on-time and also on-budget.

As a growing team, with members across the US and Canada, this new implementation project management tool has enabled us to decrease administrative redundancies, get better insight into project status, and allow fewer things to slip through those proverbial cracks.  This way, we ensure all of our implementations live up to our favorite corporate value in the Customer Success Team – giving our clients six-star service in a five-star world.

Written by Suzie Fountain, Customer Success Manager

Suzie Fountain

Contact us to find out how we can help you transform your marketing operations with Digital Asset ManagementBrandHub (Brand Management Software) and Marketing Operations Software (project management, workflows, creative approvals and more).

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