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Marketing Operations

Making The Creative Process Easier

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The IntelligenceBank Marketing Operations Platform lets you easily manage online creative briefs, notify designers of jobs in their queue and enables creatives to work within IntelligenceBank and Adobe Creative Cloud all within a seamless process.

Here’s how the typical design process works, leveraging these two best of breed technologies.

1. The Product Manager submits a creative brief for a new digital ad.

2. The Marketing Operations Coordinator assigns a Designer, (or using IntelligenceBank’s smart forms, a Designer can automatically be assigned).

3. When the Designer is assigned, she automatically gets a task notice via email, and she can see her new job lists on her dashboard.



4. The Designer creates an initial design in Adobe Photoshop and browses available images using the IntelligenceBank plugin.

5. The Art Director reviews the design, annotates it and ‘sends’ it back to the Designer.

6. The Designer opens the file using the IntelligenceBank Photoshop plug-in and makes the required changes.

7. The Designer uploads the new version of the file into the plug-in.

8. The Art Director approves this version and the AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) web team is notified.

9. The Web Analyst selects the hero ad via the AEM plug-in (using magic links) and publishes it.

10. An analysis of the digital campaign two days later finds the conversion rate hasn’t met expectations, so the Product Manager gives the Designer changes to make to the ad.

11. The Designer makes the changes, uploads the revised version – which is subsequently approved.

12. This latest ad becomes a new version of the previous ad on IntelligenceBank.

13. AEM is automatically updated using the new design.

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