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IntelligenceBank Introduces Integration with Getty Images

IntelligenceBank’s Integration with Getty Images makes it easy to keep all your Getty Images assets in your IntelligenceBank DAM platform.

Getty Images is a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace. With a library of over 495 million assets, Getty Images offers unmatched depth, breadth, and quality visual content for any consumer – no matter their size – around the globe.

This new integration removes the hassle of downloading assets from Getty Images, and then uploading them back into your DAM. That all happens for you automatically.

How it works:

  • Setup IntelligenceBank’s Getty Images connector.
  • Automatically sync the largest quality version of video, vector or image asset from Getty Images directly into IntelligenceBank.
  • Manage metadata from Getty Images and custom map them to IntelligenceBank’s asset metadata fields. For example, sync asset license expiry dates and other important information directly into IntelligenceBank.

  • Active IntelligenceBank account
  • Active Getty Images account



“This is a great new initiative that bridges the gap between owned and licensed content compliance. With the explosion of digital media – it’s critical that marketing departments have systems and processes in place to automate how imagery and videos are managed within owned content – so clients don’t overspend, and also adhere to licensing parameters.”

– Tessa Court, CEO of IntelligenceBank

Contact Us to learn more or reach out to your IntelligenceBank Customer Success Manager to get started.

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