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Marketing Resource Management

Grid® Report for Marketing Resource Management | Fall 2020

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As marketing departments face ever-growing pressures to deliver results, having effective marketing resource management software is essential. This software helps marketers manage their marketing assets and better plan and budget for marketing initiatives. It can also be a key component of a company’s marketing operations strategy, as the software can help to define marketing plans, collect and share marketing assets, execute on campaigns, and track marketing assets.

This provides marketers with a single unified system for all marketing material, which in turn ensures consistency of branding and messaging. It also enables marketers to create workflows and processes to streamline marketing operations.

Marketing resource management products are often used in conjunction with other marketing software such as content marketing software, marketing automation software, email marketing software, and marketing analytics software, and are also commonly integrated with CRM software. Marketing resource management platforms may also integrate with broader digital asset management (DAM) systems.

IntelligenceBank is proud to be recognised as a ‘high performing’ product in G2’s Marketing Resource Management category. This demonstrates our ability to:

  • Serve as a single hub for marketing assets across multiple channels such as print, social, email, direct mail, or display ads
  • Manage marketing department budgets and offer features for budget and campaign planning
  • Track and report on marketing assets, and integrate with third-party marketing tools to execute marketing campaigns or offer proprietary execution features within the platform

IntelligenceBank enables marketing professionals to effectively manage their marketing projects, and all stakeholders can maintain full visibility over project development and delivery.

Projects can also easily be managed in a way that ensures full compliance with any predefined requirements. DAM administration becomes easier than ever as assets can be created, approved and deployed seamlessly.

Contact IntelligenceBank today for a free demonstration of the many ways our platform can help your business achieve your marketing goals.

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