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Digital Asset Management

IntelligenceBank & King’s College London support digital media students

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Students Learn Digital Asset Management with IntelligenceBank and King’s College London

King’s College London is one of the oldest and most prestigious academic institutions in the United Kingdom. Ranked 33rd in the world, the college offers a Digital Asset & Media Management Masters program in the Department of Digital Humanities.

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The program is designed to help students understand the principles of Digital Asset Management but also to obtain practical knowledge and experience. Specifically, students gain real-world experience with actual software used in the industry.

“Program convenor Dr. Brian Kavanaugh is highly committed to students gaining practical experience, so it’s vital to have the students use a Digital Asset Management system,” said Theresa Regli, DAM Industry Partner to King’s College London. “I asked IntelligenceBank to provide their solution as I knew it would be quick to deploy, and intuitive for the students. Given the challenges of finding experienced practitioners to staff Digital Asset Management jobs, I’m really thrilled that the students will be able to gain this hands-on experience while they’re still in school.”

IntelligenceBank is proud to support the next generation of digital media students and help them with a full understanding of the tools that will become an important part of their future careers.

“We’re thrilled to help strengthen the future of digital and creative professionals and to be a part of the King’s College London curriculum. Gaining hands-on experience with IntelligenceBank’s Digital Asset Management platform will give these students an edge in the workforce,” says Tessa Court, CEO, IntelligenceBank.

IntelligenceBank’s Digital Asset Management platform will be used by hundreds of students at King’s College as they complete their course work.

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