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Improved Database Search & Speed

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We are delighted to announce some enhancements to our databases module across our Marketing, Boards and GRC products.

Our updated Databases area offers a new design, updated user experience and a significant improvement in search and speed. It also comes with the launch of our Advanced Calendars module, providing more ways to view your records. Here is a list of the changes and new features.
Upgraded Database view & search

You will now be able to view your Databases in either a List or Cards View and switch between these two options on the fly. Sorting options are also available on the page, with changes being instantly reflected. All Record views now have an upgraded User Interface, improved usability and a drastic improvement in speed and capacity. Within the Cards view, you can now display more information on each Card, allowing you to find out more about each record at a glance. Click here for more information.


New Calendar functionality

The upgraded Calendar view also allows you to view records as a range, based on two date fields, ie. a start and end date. This will extend the display of each record, based on what is selected within those fields. You can see more information about each record by hovering over the Info icon attributed to each record. The view options for Calendar include Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly options. Click here for more information

If you have any questions about this update, please contact your Customer Success Manager. If you are not a customer, but would like to learn more about the great benefits for your operations, please click on the button below.


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