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Best of the Superbowl Ads 2022

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The Super Bowl – the biggest sporting event in the United States and one of the biggest globally. Every year, millions of people from around the world tune in to see the spectacle. With this many viewers, it’s also become one of the most sought after advertising positions in the world. Big businesses allocate a huge chunk of their marketing budget to nab a prime-time Super Bowl ad, and to creating the ad itself. We’ll admit, some of us (IntelligenceBank’s CEO, for example) watch purely to see the great ads, not the game!

Here are our top 5 Super Bowl ad picks:



While the Dr Evil and #2 talent outshines the brand – and at times we forgot what they were actually selling (electric vehicles) – MEMO pronunciation, and Baby Me named Kyle stole the show.


Uber Eats

Delivering more than food. Awesome creative execution watching celebs eating diapers, kitty litter and Gwennie… watch that candle. Plus the nod to TikTok. So very 2022!



Larry David is hysterical about all great ideas he’s been wrong about throughout history, being Larry David in costume of course. It’s a long way to get to the value proposition of trusting FTX with crypto, but it’s an awesome ad.



Go Expedia – one of IB’s all time favourite clients. Now that things are opening up post pandemic – they definitely tapped into the need for experiences vs. stuff.



Tackling (literally) food waste is hilariously executed with cameo from Pete Davidson. I guess you add a bit of Mayo to anything and it lasts longer.



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