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Marketing Operations

Approvals In A Regulated Environment

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Some of our biggest clients come from regulated industries (such as financial services and healthcare) so we are very familiar with the processes required for an organization to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations.

We are experts in marketing workflows, and one of the most common causes of inefficiency for marketing operations is the bottleneck in the review process caused by approval processes.

Compliance is paramount of course, but often marketing creative requires several feedback steps and only one regulatory approval – rather than a compliance review at every step. Given the penalties for non-compliant output, approvals are not given easily or quickly.

We’ve listened to leading marketers in regulated industries and created the following product enhancements to make the process more efficient.

Feedback Request with no Approval required
When setting up a Feedback Request Workflow, a new setting called Require Approval Response can be deselected (it is enabled by default). If this setting does not apply; when a User is responding to a Feedback Request, they can respond with a comment instead of classifying the request as either Approved or Declined. The approval will then be classified as being reviewed. Learn more here.

Approved, with Comments Workflow option
On Publish or Feedback Approvals, a new setting adds another option for the Reviewer. Called ‘Yes, with comments Response Option’, this setting provides an alternative for the Approved or Declined status, meaning you can conditionally approve something with the understanding that the Comments entered need to be taken into consideration.

Color labels on Approval Status
Color labels will now appear on the Approval Status within the Approval List View to indicate the status of a record. For example, Declined Approvals have a red indicator, Approved has a Green indicator and pending is Orange.

Edit & Review functionality available on Feedback Requests
The Edit & Review action is now available on Feedback Requests. This extends the functionality that already exists on Publish Approvals to make it easier to directly Edit and Review an item. Once an item has been submitted for Approval, the Approvers can select Edit and Review on the Approval List page, which will open the Edit action for the item, allowing the Approver to make changes, then complete the Feedback Request.

For more information on the benefits for marketers in regulated industries, contact us today.

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