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AI Chatbot launched to interpret creative feedback

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A world-first* game-changing AI-powered chatbot, has been deployed by leading marketing operations platform IntelligenceBank to take the hassle out of the client-agency feedback process.

The virtual assistant, AInsley, uses machine learning technology to interpret nebulous creative project feedback and automatically apply changes, without the need for a designer to manually operate software, saving thousands of soul-destroying creative hours in the process.

IntelligenceBank said it developed the technology after its data showed little correlation between the quality of outputs and the excessive time taken to get from Version 1 and Version Final Final V13.

“It’s an age-old problem, clients give vague feedback, creative agencies waste time trying to interpret the feedback and everyone gets frustrated,” IntelligenceBank CEO Tessa Court said.

“So, we analysed thousands of feedback conversations through our platform to decipher the real meaning behind phrases like, ‘Just have fun with it’, ‘Can we have two headlines’, ‘I may draw it myself instead’ and ‘Can you make it more punchy?’.”

AInsley’s natural language processing and question answering system has even been enabled with humanistic levels of passive aggression, to replicate traditional client-agency discourse.

 AInsley is programmed to remind all project collaborators of agreed brief requirements, such as the budget and can direct users back to the previously signed-off creative treatments, reducing conflict between creatives and clients, while speeding up delivery time.

Slap Dash, creative director, Fernando Van De Suisse said,

“Since we switched on AInsley we’ve had a 36% reduction in complaints from our design team, and we’ve been able to reduce personnel by 74%, which has really brought down our overheads.”

During the trial phase, the majority of brand and project managers didn’t recognise the robotic conversations were with an actual robot.

At launch supported integrations include most online design tools and email providers.

AInsley said:

IntelligenceBank will not be providing comment on recent mass redundancy protests by the Australian Graphic Design industry.”


*This would be a world-first if it were true – Happy April Fool’s Day from IntelligenceBank 😉


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