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The 2018 MarTech West event has just concluded and this San Jose edition was a brilliant confluence of ideas, energy and experience across marketing, technology and management.

We were delighted to again be included in the Stackies and listed in the Marketing Technology Landscape (“Martech 5000”).

The Stackies is always a fun opportunity to represent a snapshot of our technology stack as an engaging infographic. Our 2018 design is inspired by metro rail systems in some the world’s great cities. Each technology category represents a hub that relevant sections of the customer journey travel around (represented as colored lines with dots).

The process also demonstrated how crucial IntelligenceBank DAM is to a marketing stack, particularly in the areas of workflow and approvals, project management, brandhub, and of course Digital Asset Management.

A robust marketing resource solution enables data and assets to seamlessly flow from one software system to another. This drives efficiencies, provides robust data analytics and limit the potential for (often costly) brand or compliance errors.

Given the pace of change in martech our stack has already evolved and we look forward to entering into the 2019 program. To see some of the other Stackiesclick here.

Another great feature of the MarTech conferences is the launch of Scott Brinkers annual Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic, the industry reference for the evolving vendor categories in marketing. The ‘Martech 5000’ as it’s known actually includes 6,242 unique vendors. To appreciate the growth in the number of vendors, this 2018 number is equal to the numbers of tools listed from 2011 through 2016 combined! It’s amazing to see the growth of vendors in our DAM & MRM category, and the growth overall.

To learn more about the Martech 500, click here.

We look forward to participating in MarTech East in Boston in October.

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