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Top 5 Reasons Financial Marketers

need a BrandHub

Your Brand, Your Message, Your Way.

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Reasons Financial Marketers Need a BrandHub

What makes up your Brand?


From the outside, you could say that a brand is made up of a logo, your brand colours, tone of voice, etc. But a business’ brand is so much more than that. It is the visual representation of Business Identity. Something that your customer can connect and respond to in an instant.

So what do the world’s most recognisable brands have in common? CONSISTENCY.

There is no other defining attribute that ads more to your brand equity. But what is Brand Consistency and how can you nurture it?

Brand consistency is the ability to maintain communication and positioning in line with your business values and the elements that make up your business identity.

Maintaining brand consistency can prove difficult when there are multiple entities managing your brand assets. Whether you have a large marketing team, or are working with external agencies, you want to ensure that anyone handling your precious brand assets adhere to how it’s used and that it’s being used correctly!

A properly executed BrandHub can help you share your brand, while maintaining the full integrity of all the assets you’ve worked so hard to build. Essentially a BrandHub acts as the gatekeeper for brand integrity and can help you achieve the following:

  • Increase customer/client trust
  • Enhance Loyalty
  • Improve the perception of your business
  • Facilitate steady brand evolution


This is particularly true for Financial Services Marketers – when trust and loyalty are your most valuable commodities from customers and clients, and the No.1 differentiator between you and another financial service provider.

Here are our top 5 reasons financial marketers need a BrandHub.


1. Ensure your brand is represented your way with brand guidelines

A lot of work goes into what your brand looks and feels like. From colors, fonts, icons, logos and more, your brand needs a playbook so that everyone is on the same page. A detailed Brand Guideline can help ensure that your marketing collateral is being used correctly. The best Brand Guidelines live online, so that no matter where your team is, they can access the brand assets they need.


2. Share only whats approved

Not everything your team creates is meant to be used by everyone. Whether you are dealing with older assets, alternative versions, or a changing library, being able to choose what you can share is an invaluable asset for financial marketers. Compliance works hard to ensure that materials are cleared legally, so make their job easier (and yours too) by controlling the audience of each piece of content. When sharing outside of your firm, it’s even more important to control what is shared. A good BrandHub can integrate directly with your DAM to make sharing content easier and safer.


3. Keep your inbox clean with brand requests

No one wants a cluttered inbox that is growing by the minute. Brand requests can allow you to keep your email inbox clean by housing all of your requests within the tool. A good Brand Hub can also allow you to set up auto-responses, so that for more routine requests, you can give your team back more time in their day. If that’s not enough, you can also track the status of every single request and monitor your SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).


4. Track brand compliance and usage

Whether you’re dealing with partnerships with other companies, or just want to see what your internal team is using, the ability to track who is downloading and viewing your guidelines and assets is extremely important. It allows you to ensure your brand usage is falling under correct compliance protocols, and that your brand’s look and feel stays consistent wherever it may appear. Another great aspect of a full feature BrandHub is the ability to calculate the ROI of specific branded content. Want to know if that brochure your team spent months working on is reaching its intended audience? Now you can track its performance and adjust your strategy going forward.


5. Ensure your team always knows whats happening, and that they are staying on brand.

The more your company, brand and team grows, the room for error grows. A good BrandHub allows you and your team to work on the same page and ensure they are always kept up to date with latest versions of assets and projects. As regulations and rules shift and evolve, your team can shift and evolve with them, staying on top of and sharing the latest and most recently approved versions of your work. Using a feature like this is as close to sitting at the same table as you can get.



Does a BrandHub sound right for you?

A Brand Hub might be one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you start using one. It minimizes your risk in regards to your brand, and allows you to control exactly the usage of your assets and brand image. It also minimizes the back and forth emails that can waste valuable time and cause outdated versions to be floating around. You worked hard to create your brand image, make sure that it is protected with a good BrandHub.

To learn more about IntelligenceBank and how a BrandHub can help you, please feel free to contact us and see how we help Banking and Finance companies around the world. We would love to book a custom demo with you and show you why IntelligenceBank is the trusted BrandHub for financial marketers.

Contact us and find out how IntelligenceBank helps marketing teams with collaboration, efficiency and compliance.

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