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10 Solutions to Virtualise Marketing Operations During Uncertain Times

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How to Virtualise Marketing Operations During Uncertain Times
With the onset of COVID-19, working remotely became the norm overnight. While some people have been doing this for years, all of a sudden working from home has become mainstream. As a result, all areas of a business need to be equipped with technology to operate ‘business as usual’ as much as possible during these uncertain times.
While email, instant message and web based video conferencing is critical for keeping in touch, given the complex and visual nature of marketing outputs and the dimension of brand and regulatory compliance required, more specialised tools are needed to ensure your marketing department can continue to operate smoothly even if your team is not in physical proximity.
Below is an overview of the top 10 marketing operations tools you need to help you bring together disparate marketing teams and continue to work efficiently.
  1. One point of reference: Centralize content for sales and marketing all in one place.  With remote staff, accessing different systems and hard drives becomes time consuming.
    DIgital Asset Management Screenshot
  2. Place brand guidelines online: Put your brand guidelines online so your remote workers can instantly educate themselves on your brand.
    Product Window Brand Guidelines Home 2020 Small-1
  3. Designate a smart brand inbox: Create a smart brand inbox so people can ask marketing a question with automated responses and triage other requests to the appropriate people.
    Marketing Inbox-1
  4. Provide online creative briefs: Enable your team to submit online creative briefs so all projects are centralized.
    Creative Brief-1
  5. Single approval system: Approve creative in a bespoke approvals tool so feedback is in a single system and is tied to versions, not trapped in emails never to be found again.
    Creative Approval-2
  6. Connect regularly: Communicate often with frequent internal updates that can link to projects or creative.
  7. Top line view: Visualize all of your campaigns together with a centralized campaign and project calendar for a full picture of all activities in flight.
  8. Collaborate dynamically: Collaborate on priorities with an interactive project kanban board that is linked to corresponding creative.
  9. Avoid approval traffic jams: Reduce legal approval bottlenecks by providing a self serve marketing disclaimer engine whereby your team can plug in parameters such as advertising type, product and geography and required ‘fine print’ will automatically be provided.
    2019 Product Shot Healthcare Disclaimer Decision Engine-1
  10. Host online creative templates: Standardize creative outputs with online creative templates that are editable only in certain areas. These are perfect solutions to solve repetitive creative such as point of sale and business cards.
    Product Shot Dynamic Creative Template Home Loan

As fears behind the virus continue to spread, organisations will need to act quickly & nimbly to re-define what their ‘business as usual’ actually looks like during this unforeseen period. To limit physical exposure, businesses will need to rely more heavily on technology by proposing new virtual alternatives and business practices.

Given that marketing technology is in our DNA, at IntelligenceBank working virtually comes naturally to us.  For a virtual demonstration on how we can mobilise your marketing operations, please feel free to connect online or over the phone. 

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