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Marketing Operations Management Helps Hospitals Streamline Projects

eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, 19 December 2019

As output and regulatory requirements increase, marketing departments need systems to provide oversight of projects. More and more companies are turning to marketing operations management systems to oversee the marketing process from start to finish. For healthcare marketers, it can help teams work more efficiently while also ensuring that usage of data and patient information is compliant.

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B&T Feature on Marketing Operations Software

B&T, October 2019

“The marketing department today has to do more with less in a fragmented market, dealing with multiple freelancers and agencies, and brand reputation is the number one priority in the current environment” says Tessa Court, CEO of IntelligenceBank

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Qantas Interview with Tessa Court, CEO, IntelligenceBank

Qantas Travel Insider, August 2019

Tessa Court, CEO of IntelligenceBank, talks about life changing tech, e-bikes, her favourite business app and other useful gadgets.

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5 Ways Technology Can Prevent a Marketing Compliance Breach

MarTech Advisor, 10 July 2019

IntelligenceBank CEO Tessa Court explains five ways in which technology can prevent a marketing compliance breach

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Want a gender-diverse workforce? Scrap tokenistic quotas and hiring bias

SmartCompany, 12 June 2019

"We focused on hiring processes that prioritised merit, coachability and attitude. When you focus on these things, and consciously remove unconscious bias, diversity is a by-product."

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“It terrified me”: Why Tessa Court believes the biggest threat to scale-ups is mediocrity

SmartCompany, 3 June 2019

According to IntelligenceBank founder Tessa Court, the biggest threat facing Aussie scale-ups isn’t a lack of funding or a shallow talent …

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MarTech Interview with Tessa Court, CEO, IntelligenceBank

MarTech, 28 May 2019

"Marketing Resource Management is pretty much the same thing as Marketing Operations, but it has a budget and planning component." …

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How to scale your startup so you don’t fail

Startup Daily, 28 May 2019

Impossible Foods, Glossier and local startup Airwallex this year joined the ranks of other unicorn legends and household names such as Uber and Didi. In the wake of successes like these, it’s easy for founders to get carried away with the .01% of stories about how a company took off overnight and everything went to plan...

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IntelligenceBank looks to US market

The Australian, 21 May 2019

Tessa Court, CEO of IntelligenceBank talks about the importance of IntelligenceBank's marketing operations platform to its clients in regulated industries become more efficient and at the same time, reduce risk.

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