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knowledge management document resources
Centralize reports, video briefs and key presentations, with version control, PDF reader, annotations (private and shared), review dates, email alerts, comments, watermarking and workflow.
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workflow and approvals knowledge management
Collaborate faster with download approvals, publish approvals and general feedback on any file or data. Track history of digital sign off in a dedicated approvals area.
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knowledge management document database
Streamline your project briefing system, and enable stakeholders to submit briefs, and upon your approval and cost code assignment, you can assign providers, attach invoices and reports, and summarize findings in a searchable database.
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configurable dashboards for KM
Take control of the information you view on IntelligenceBank. Dashboards can be tailored to manage production workflows, view uploaded files and quickly access databases.
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knowledge management customer segment
Create custom, dynamic pages which showcase your customer segments. Feature videos, images and other information to help bring your segments into the minds of your marketing and product teams.
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knowledge management news feeds
Interactive forum to showcase current, and past but still relevant research, enabling stakeholders to comment, ask questions. Posts can be emailed as an HTML Newsletter.
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email link management
Automatically be notified when new information or new versions are available. You can also email links to files and folders to both registered and external users.
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advanced search management
Search by title, description and contents of files. The search engine accepts Boolean search queries, and you can narrow search by date ranges, file types and keywords. Structure your information by business unit, type of research and theme.
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knowledge management automatic file conversion
Convert your image files from more than 100 file formats to the most commonly used: JPG, PNG and GIF; and you can resize your files online.
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people directory management
A full list of all users of your platform, with contact information and photos.
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woman using knowledge management portal on ipad
Our iPad App lets you read PDF’s offline, and view media – and syncs with the web platform. You can download our iPad App from the APP store, and use your same username and password to access files when you are on the move.
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self registration management
With Self Registration enabled, now your end users are able to ‘self register’ and login to your Knowledge platform to access documents and database records of information. All self-registered users can be granted limited or full access, which is specified by you, and you can force the acceptance of your T&C’s prior to entering your platform. This is ideal for sharing knowledge with third parties.
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knowledge management usage analytics
Get an instant ROI and see how your platform is used in real-time. Our granular audit trail reports on everything that happens, by user, by file and overall.
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Drag and drop files from your intelligencebank platform into webbased applications
Seamlessly integrate with hundreds of web-based applications using the drag and drop functionality of the IntelligenceBank Universal Connector.
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main admin settings management
Take control of your platform – no IT experience necessary! Customize the branding, set up user permission groups and add users. You can also change the naming of modules and manage passwords.
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knowledge management calendar
Help your team keep track of campaigns, due dates and projects. Create different calendars for each project, track event RSVPs and link your calendar to other items within your IntelligenceBank platform.
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knowledge management media feed dashboard
Instantly see and be alerted of new company articles, social media mentions and industry news about your business, the industry and competitors.
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custom branding knowledge management
Your Customer Insights Portal can look and feel like your brand, with custom branding on the homepage, within the platform and on alerts.

During our IPO process, AdAlta required an easy to use, and secure data room to manage due diligence with multiple parties. We found the platform very useful and easy to use. IntelligenceBank is a great platform and I would highly recommend it.

AdAlta Samantha Cobb

"IntelligenceBank is a wonderful tool assisting in our business, helping to safely store, share and manage our documents. Their team was very useful and IntelligenceBank quickly became the central go-to point for our team of almost forty team members when it came to storing, sharing and managing documentation."

Suncorp James Borg