Workflow integrations that connect files and data from your IntelligenceBank platform to other tools. 

What are Handshakes?

Handshakes are workflow integrations that connect files and data from IntelligenceBank to your other technologies.  Handshakes automate repetitive tasks, so you can get work done faster and stay more compliant.  It securely sends information from one app to another without any custom coding.

Automation + Integration + No Coding

Using 'if this, then that' workflow logic, our preconfigured Handshakes enable you to connect more dots and get work done faster.  For instance, when you add a file into IntelligenceBank, it can be added to another system - or vice versa. Or when a brief is added to IntelligenceBank, a task can then be added to another ticketing system at the same time.

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Popular Handshakes

Simple ‘if this, then that’ workflow integrations to create efficiencies
and automate digital compliance

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File Storage

If a file is added to your IntelligenceBank platform, Handshakes will add it to your selected file storage app such as Dropbox or OneDrive, and vice versa.

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+ Many More

Email Marketing

By integrating email marketing platforms such as MailChimp with IntelligenceBank, Handshakes will update your customer database automatically.

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+ Many More



If a file is uploaded to your IntelligenceBank platform and it’s urgent, Handshakes will send a message to your selected messaging app, such as Slack or TXT

Survey Icons-1

+ Many More



By integrating Typeform, SurveyCTO or your chosen survey app with IntelligenceBank, Handshakes will automate new responses and help organize the results.

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+ Many More

Project Management

If a project request is added to your IntelligenceBank platform, then Handshakes will add a copy to Asana, Zendesk or your selected tool as an action item.

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+ Many More


If you integrate your CRM, such as Salesforce with your IntelligenceBank platform, Handshakes will automatically keep your files and records in sync.

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+ Many More


Social Media

If you integrate social media apps, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with IntelligenceBank, Handshakes will record all posts for future auditing and tracking purposes.

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+ Many More


If you integrate handshakes into your e-commerce apps, including Shopify, then you can automatically update product images, descriptions and videos straight into e-commerce engines on the fly.

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+ Many More



By integrating your IntelligenceBank platform into your CMS, including Hubspot and Wordpress, Handshakes will trigger actions like sending an email or a message.

Integrate With Tools You Use Everyday

To learn how you can 'Add-on' IntelligenceBank Handshakes, contact us for requirements and functionalities.

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