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Take business-critical tasks out of spreadsheets, shared drives and email, and places them into an auditable and secure system. Learn why our software is used for Risk Registers, PCI Compliance, Conflict of Interest, Control Self-Assessment, Contract and Policy Management, SOC and ISO compliance.

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 Use cases


PCI Compliance

Streamline your PCI Compliance program. Our PCI compliance register is pre-populated with the latest PCI-DDS industry controls, so you can easily view and manage your PCI reporting requirements and follow up tasks. With dashboard reporting, see compliance gaps and outstanding action items. 


ISO 27001

Simplify your ISO27001 audits. Our ISO27001 compliance registers are pre-populated with the latest industry-standard controls, so you can easily view and manage your ISO27001 compliance audits, remediation, documentation, reporting and follow up tasks. With dashboard reporting, see compliance gaps and outstanding action items.


Vendor & Contractor

Keep tabs on your supply chain. Ensure your vendors are compliant with your supply chain risk management framework. Vendors can self register, update their credentials and insurances and all relevant people can receive alerts when documentation is set to expire. 



Stay safe. Keep track of general and OH&S incidents, assign severity ratings and follow up actions. Reporting on incidents by division, location and business unit has never been easier with custom dashboards and reporting. 


Cyber Risk

Annualize your Cyber risk audits. Cyber risk surveys ensure your suppliers comply with your IT security standards. Send surveys out to new vendors, and run annual surveys to all suppliers to ensure compliance is maintained. 


SOC 1, 2 & 3

SOC can be as easy as 123. Our SOC 1, 2 and 3 compliance registers are pre-populated with the latest industry-standard controls, so you can easily view and manage your SOC compliance audits, remediation, documentation, reporting and follow up tasks. With dashboard reporting, see compliance gaps and outstanding action items. 



Track, score and manage your risks. Keep track of the severity, likelihood and consequences of risks, link them to controls, incidents, documentation and follow up tasks. With custom stages, ratings and alerts, managing your risk framework has never been easier. 



SOX reporting made simple. IntelligenceBank's SOX 404 and 302 control templates are pre-populated with the latest industry-standard controls, so you can easily view and manage your SOX audits, remediation, documentation, reporting and follow up tasks. With dashboard reporting, see compliance gaps and outstanding action items.


Control Self
Assessment Surveys

Measure the effectiveness of your controls across geographies and roles. Hierarchical surveys let team leaders and their managers report on the control effectiveness as it pertains to their role. All controls can be customized to your business and executive management can approve, decline or add additional commentary. View summary reports on dashboards.


ISO 9001

Meet customer and stakeholder needs while staying compliant. IntelligenceBank's ISO 9001 Registers takes the fundamentals of a quality management system and ensures actionable processes to meet ISO standards.


Conflict of

Stop corruption in its tracks. Our user friendly COI portal makes it easy for your staff, vendors and directors to register gift, hospitality, relational, financial and other conflicts. Workflow approvals give you an audit trail of how each conflict has been elevated, and custom dashboard reporting gives you an instant overview of all potential conflicts that could affect your business. 


Financial Service
License Compliance

Remove the burden of quarterly reporting, so you can spend more time with clients. Our pre-configured platform features automatic e-mail alerts, customizable compliance dashboards and risk matrices to monitor FSL activity. 


The entire IntelligenceBank platform is customisable, so it looks like your brand and maps to your governance process.  It can be accessed anywhere, anytime and from any device, including when offline with our dedicated iPad and Android apps. Our robust API also makes it easy to integrate data and documents uploaded to IntelligenceBank with other systems, thanks to our push and pull, out of the box API. 


GRC Risk Register BrowserRisk & Compliance Registers

Out of the box, yet highly customizable registers including Risk, PCI Compliance, ISO 27001, SOC, Health and Safety, Conflict of Interest, Audit, Policies, Contracts, Incidents, Customers and more. Use one, all or create your own. There is no limit to how many you can create to manage your risk and compliance programs.

Receive automated email alerts when new items are added or when a workflow action has taken place. Email links to record and files to other registered users.


GRC Risk Control Asessment BrowserSurveys

Receive instant feedback from executives and line managers about the state of a range of internal controls. Survey questions can be completely customized, and you have an instant indication of completion rates. Export data at any time for a complete analysis.



GRC Calendar BrowserCalendars & Approvals

Create shared calendars for each risk and compliance project to reflect meetings and key due dates. Link calendar entries to specific documents or records, and view all key dates of a register in a calendar view.

Assign workflow to elevate submissions for approval and assign tasks to specific items. The approvals dashboard gives you an instant overview as to which actions are completed or pending. Send reminders and run reports on approvals.


GRC Dashboard BrowserCustomizable Dashboards

Take control of the information you view on IntelligenceBank. Dashboards can be tailored to show registers, risk heat-maps outstanding actions and workflow approvals.

Granular reporting on your risk and governance programs is as easy as clicking a button. Create custom reports on all your data and workflow and save reports for regular reporting requirements. All reports can be instantly exported into excel at any time.



GRC Document Management BrowserOnline Document Management Advanced Search

If you have several documents that relate to an action or a record, you can link a folder, which has advanced document management features such as version control, watermarking, annotations and read online. Email links to files and track which people on your team have read specific documents.

Nothing gets lost in IntelligenceBank. We search titles, description, document contents, automatically extracted metadata, and universal custom metadata you add.


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Users only see information to which they have access. That means, different users can only view, download, publish and/or print to where you grant access. You can give access by user group or by individual.


Data Storage & Control Options

Your data is hosted in secure, ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliant data centers either in the US, UK, Canada or Australia - depending on your location (and your choice). For larger corporates, we offer private cloud options for an additional fee.


Two Factor Authentication

For customers who require additional login security, two factor authentication is available.



Our servers are protected by a hardware firewall, which deliver high performance (as to not inhibit speed of service) and multi-threat protection. 



You can set login parameters such as length and complexity of passwords, and you can also determine how frequently your users need to reset their password.



Every five minutes, we proactively monitor our operating system, core functions, uptime, patch upgrades, firewall status and hacking attempts. 



You always own your data. Bottom line. We do not access your platform unless you provide your account manager with special, one time access, and you can always request a copy of your data on disk.



We are subject to penetration testing on a monthly basis, and
bi-annually undergo external penetration tests. 

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