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"For the business, a vendor compliance portal means we can better manage our contractors and be assured that all safety and workplace obligations are met, particularly where high risk activities are being undertaken.”

Beacon Lighting Elizabeth Mikkelsen

"We selected the IntelligenceBank platform as a compliance management system. There were several factors that made IntelligenceBank stand out amongst their peers that included very competitive pricing, excellent support, the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements (Agile), multi-platform support and easy integration into a rather complex existing application landscape."

Business Analyst Daniel Ginn

"IntelligenceBank GRC has been a great way for Nexvet to keep track of our key contracts. It's easy to set up and very customizable to our industry specific requirements."

Nexvet Biopharma Geraldine Farrell

“We had a cumbersome, manual process for our compliance and auditing process that has been streamlined by the use of IntelligenceBank GRC.”

MAXEX Jessica Karcsh

“The results speak for themselves. The HLK Group has over 20 clients on the platform, and as a guide each user has saved 5 hours per week by automating various compliance tasks. We have saved considerable time for the business, in particular the improvement in our reporting accuracy.”

HLK Group Brian Wu