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Software Implementation FAQs

We answer the most common questions about implementing
a Digital Asset Management (DAM) software platform.

Given the considerable investment in time and money, your Digital Asset Management implementation experience and ongoing usage must be a success.

Our expert implementation consultants have worked with hundreds of clients with varying requirements and share (below) the valuable insights we have learned, with a helpful overview of frequently asked questions to help you get started with your project.

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Seven Key DAM Software Implementation Steps

IntelligenceBank DAM Implementation
Choose an internal project leader & involve stakeholders early on. Make a plan for change management. Consider use cases & how your users think about content & taxonomy. Determine the file / folder / database structureEstablish naming configurations for your folders & files. Set launch date & key milestones.
IntelligenceBank DAM Software Integration
Centralize Your Assets
You can centralize your assets in one upload or several uploads over time. If you are using databases, you can import from Excel spreadsheets at any time.
Pricing Changes

Branding elements include: Login Page and Optional T&Cs, Masthead Banner and Alerts Banner, Custom Welcome Page, and Design custom guidelines pages (if featuring them).

Site Setup
Site Setup

Create folders, establish Controlled Metadata, Databases, Workflow Permissions and Alert Frequency. Review your content and how much will be migrated. We can migrate files for you.


If your platform needs to be integrated with other systems, we offer the custom integrations, such as an API to push or pull data from other sources into your platform, & Single Sign On (SAML or Active Directory).


Usually only Main Administrators need training around information upload, configurations & managing users. Our 24/7 online helpdesk ( is always available, as well as phone & email support.
We are here to make sure your launch is a success & can assist you with uploading users, checking permissions & communications with your team.

DAM Software Implementation FAQs

Do I need a full-time person to manage the implementation and ongoing maintenance?
In the vast majority of cases, a full-time resource is not required. Rather, what's more important is having a couple of people on board with your new business process and preparing your team for change. We have found it's often more effective to leverage existing people who can be a product champion or librarian over traditional hierarchical ownership. Also, having a good understanding of your current or altered process flows, staff touch points and existing tools can help distribute responsibility. Having more than one person who contributes to the success of your platform also builds in redundancy if someone is sick or leaves your business.

Can I customize the look and feel of my platform to represent my brand?
Yes! We have developed our platform with your brand in mind, so it's easy to customize and align with your brand. You can simply change the colors, logos, banners, icons and navigation flow within the system or wecan create stylized interactive custom pages for you. Either way, you can be sure your platform will embody your brand. If you need help with design services, we can assist with that too.

How do I integrate with other systems?
Your Digital Asset Management platform doesn't have to be an island. Our robust API makes it easy to pull and push documents and data between your lntelligenceBank platform from other systems. We also offer Custom URL's which reinforces your branding and last but not least, we integrate with Active Directory and SAML so your users can use their network ID to access your lntelligenceBank platform. Believe it or not, forgetting usernames and passwords is one of the biggest barriers to
adoption, so having this enabled really assists with end-user adoption. Integrations also ensure your platform is truly part of your business process.

How do I migrate fies?
Before you upload your files, you need to determine your folder and controlled vocabulary structure. That is, what's the hierarchy as to where your files will actually sit and which words do you want as choices to 'keyword tag' files when you upload? Once these two decisions are made, there are three ways to upload files to lntelligenceBank:
1. Basic Upload - From within the platform, you can upload one file at a time, or bulk upload files by dragging and dropping them from your desktop. With bulk uploading from the desktop, it's perfect for uploading a hundred files at a time.
2. Desktop Uploader - lntelligenceBank also provides a desktop uploader. You can download our secure application to your desktop and drag and drop files into lntelligenceBank that way.
3. FTP Upload or Send us a Hard Drive - If you have over 500GB of data, and you are under time pressure to upload the files into your platform, we recommend either having lntelligenceBank set up a secure FTP connection so files are uploaded quickly in the back end; or you can send us a hard drive of your files in the structure you would like to see them in lntelligenceBank and we can do the upload for you from our data center. If you find you need more data, you can purchase additional data storage at any time.

How far back in time do I upload?
This is a very common question - you probably have mountains of files to migrate and are unsure which files to move. Our advice is simple - draw a proverbial line in the sand. If you have a couple thousand files with under 200GB (or less) - go ahead and upload everything. If you have terabytes of files, think about what you actually use every day, and just upload those files. We can accommodate your data either way.

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