Digital Asset Management ROI Calculator

Traditional Costs
Asset Duplication Costs
Duplicating Assets can seem like a small issue, but when multiplied across all staff it can become an expensive and unnecessary cost.
Number of Assets
Percent Duplicated (%)
Cost Per Duplication ($)
Asset Duplication Cost: $18,750 / year
Asset Approval Costs
If you don't have a workflow approval process in place, for the brand and marketing team to approve creative, there is a time cost associated, not to mention the consistency of your brand integrity.
Volume of Final Artwork Per Day
Time to Approve Manually Per File (in minutes)
Average Salary / Hour ($)
Total Approval Costs
if done manually:
$93,750 / year
Asset Search Costs
When people can't find what they are looking for, there is an operational cost to your business.
Team Size
Searches Per Day / Each
Average time to Search Per Asset (in minutes)
Average Salary / Hour ($)
Total Asset Search Cost: $20,833 / year
Asset Distribution Costs
Depending on the average file size, if you have to physically send out digital assets to agencies or partners, there are both time and courier costs involved.
Number of Assets
Percent Couriered Per Annum (%)
Average Courier Cost ($)
Total Approval Costs
if done manually:
$10,000 / year
CURRENT COSTS: $143,333 / Year