Prioritize Marketing Tasks & Resources

New reports to help marketers prioritize tasks & manage marketing resources.

With more and more projects streaming into the marketing department every day, we thought it useful to help our clients visualize their marketing project workload.

According to Tessa Court, CEO of IntelligenceBank, “In addition to getting creative briefs and digital asset approvals right, planning resources to deliver these projects is equally important.  Not only for having clarity of what’s coming down the pipeline, but also understanding each person’s capacity so projects can be assigned or reprioritized appropriately.”

Here’s how it works:

  1. Categorize Projects:  In creative brief forms, you can capture which member of your team is working on a specific project, estimate the size of a project such as Epic or Extra Large, Large, Medium or Small (categorization is entirely customizable).
    creative brief
  2. Score Projects:  You can also color code and score the projects for automatic calculation. For instance, an Epic project might have a 10 point allocation, whereas a Small project has 1 point. By averaging the points, you can then understand and quickly visualize your team’s workload not only by the number of projects, but also by the project’s complexity. This helps you instantly see where the bottlenecks could occur.Configure Widget-2
  3. Report on Workload:  Using our configurable dashboards, create widgets to visualize, count items and scores versus capacity and instantly link to projects by project owner and complexity.Workload Visualisation

To learn more about managing your marketing project workload, click below for a custom demo.

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