Using DAM Systems To Manage Compliance In Regulated Industries

IntelligenceBank recently partnered with Theresa Regli, global DAM expert and strategist, about the advantages of using Digital Asset Management systems to help marketers in regulated industries to manage compliance.

Almost every industry – including Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Education and Government - has some degree of regulation. However governments and other authorities are demanding greater levels of transparency and compliance than ever before.

This, combined with the explosion in digital and omni-channel content, and the need for agile ways of working, mean marketers are faced with even greater challenges staying on top of increased regulations, while trying to get to market quickly with great content.

And the penalties for non compliance can be severe – including large fines, damage to brand reputation and other serious issues.

Dam Systems Have Specific Features That Help With Marketing Compliance

Digital Asset Management systems have long been known for helping marketers with digital resource management, digital brand management, and other features which can streamline approvals and workflows.

Now DAM systems are being recognized as playing a key role in marketing compliance. Specific features include:

  • Legal review and approval workflows;
  • Linking consent forms or ‘right to use’ waivers with digital assets;
  • Checklists of marketing compliance requirements;
  • Expiration dates of assets, which could be set up to trigger a future renewal alert.

Our CEO Tessa Court recently spoke with DAM Expert Theresa Regli on this very issue.








For further great insights into how marketers can use DAM systems to manage marketing compliance, including interviews with marketers from the Finance, Healthcare, Government and Education industries, download our whitepaper.






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