Transform Your Marketing Operations

Unless you have access to a magic wand, genie or unlimited budget, you’ll know that managing multiple marketing projects is hard. There are more channels, segments and techniques to choose from, tighter timelines and greater compliance risks to avoid.

That’s where a Marketing Operations Platform (MOP) comes to the rescue. A MOP takes you out of spreadsheets, shared drives and email chains into a scalable system that ensures projects are delivered on time, on budget, on brand, and prevents you from getting fined or sued.

Our CEO (and former marketer) Tessa Court puts it perfectly:

“Marketing Operations Platforms put order to the chaos by giving marketing departments a system to manage how things get done versus managing hundreds of projects haphazardly. Just like sales teams need a CRM system to manage their world, modern marketing departments need a Marketing Operations Platform to manage content marketing processes”.

Download our MOPS Whitepaper to learn:

  • Key features of a robust solution
  • Use cases to consider
  • How you can bring order to marketing chaos

 Here is a sneak peek...

MOPS Infographic-1

The first step in transforming your marketing operations is to take stock of the number of projects you have underway, how much visibility you have on their progress, the number of team members and stakeholders involved, and the range of processes employed. This crystallzes the need for a Marketing Operations Platform and the key features urgently required.

The next step is to consider how you would benefit from transforming the following:

  • The way creative briefs are used (or if they are used at all)
  • How projects are set up and managed
  • The way marketing interacts with the rest of the organisation
  • How content approval is coordinated and tracked
  • The way contracts and content with talent usage renewal dates are managed
  • Your helicopter view of all projects and the associated expenditure

If you’re drowning in a sea of spreadsheets, shared drives and email chains - download the Whitepaper and talk to us about how a Marketing Operations Platform can come to the rescue.

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