intelligencebank holiday magic

Some Holiday Magic from IntelligenceBank

As we are approaching the holiday season, IntelligenceBank has launched some magical new features that will make working online an even more seamless process.  Here’s what’s new!

Duplicate File Warning 

Now when you upload a file, we programmatically check if the file physically already exists – even if it’s named differently.  This avoids duplication of assets in your platform.  Our elves are very clever!

intelligencebank duplicate upload warning

Email Link Usage Reporting

We know how much everyone loves the ability to email links directly from the platform to other people.  With email link usage reporting, we now record all emails sent, and which emails were clicked on. Taking auditing to a whole new level.

reporting of email use

 A full list of new features in our latest release are located on the IntelligenceBank Helpdesk.  As always if you have any questions, please let us know.  Otherwise we hope you enjoy our little gifts and we wish you a happy 2017!

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