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Everything You Need to Know About Knowledge Management Implementation

Every year, hundreds of companies launch their Knowledge Management platform. To help everyone to understand the process better, we have compiled answers to the most common implementation questions in a short FAQ’s guide to help you and your team know what to expect from an implementation.

Implementation is not as onerous as you might think, especially if you have expert help. But even if you don't, like most projects, the better prepared you are, the easier it is to execute.

Here are the top 8 questions most commonly asked. 

  1. Who needs to be involved?
  2. What can I customize?
  3. Can I integrate with other systems?
  4. How do I migrate files?
  5. How far back do I upload?
  6. How do I launch to my users?
  7. How do I ensure the platform is used?
  8. How secure is my data and where is it stored?

At IntelligenceBank, we believe in providing our clients with six star service, which means, you can be up and running in a matter of weeks, not months or years!


Download the IntelligenceBank Implementation Guide and see how easy it is to get started with your Knowledge Management project.

For learn more about Knowledge Management programs and software, request a personal demo, take a free trial or contact us.

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