image auto tagging magic comes to intelligencebank

IB Goes AI - IntelligenceBank KM Announces Automated Keyword Tagging

IntelligenceBank is pleased to announce the launch of its new automatic keyword tagging “Auto Keywords” functionality, that makes categorizing images a seamless process. 

Once you have uploaded creative files to IntelligenceBank KM, now you can opt for IntelligenceBank to automatically suggest keywords and pre-populate them based on the content and color schemes of your images. 

intelligencebank km automatic keyword tagger in action

According to Tessa Court, CEO of IntelligenceBank, “artificial intelligence can improve business processes everywhere – including digital asset management. Our automatic keyword tagging solution solves a real problem most marketers face – a growing library of digitized creative content without robust categorization so they are easily searchable. Auto Keywords removes the pain from this administrative task, and enables marketers to both expedite and automate this necessary but often times ignored process.”

IntelligenceBank has partnered with Imagga, an artificial intelligence company to provide the keyword suggestions directly within the IntelligenceBank DAM interface. Here, clients can approve or reject keywords that relate to their creative files. In addition, when new clients migrate their files into IntelligenceBank KM for the first time, bulk keyword tagging can also be provided.

The auto keyword tagging update is part of IntelligenceBank’s new release. You can view detailed information about the new release on our helpdesk. 

To learn more about how IntelligenceBank KM saves you time by streamlining your marketing processes, contact a friendly member of our sales team.

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