how to streamline your task management with intelligencebank

100% Complete: IntelligenceBank Announces New Task Management Features

We are pleased to announce two fantastic new task management features from IntelligenceBank. The new updates give faster access to a task's status. Here's what's new…

New Featured Column: See the important data faster

On your project or task management databases, now you can customise which form fields are initially displayed. This means you can highlight what's important, such as due dates, project status and even a completion percentage.

the feature column function in action

Alerts on Record Changes:  Stay on top of all changes made

For records that are linked to specific users, now you can receive an email alert on the fields changed, and by whom.

Task Management Alert for users

These updates to the platform are part of our version 3.6 release and are live on your platform as of today. If you would like further clarification on how these features can assist with managing data, please contact our support team.

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