learn how pci compliance can streamline your merchant processes

What is PCI Compliance Software?

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Software is purpose-designed to streamline governance, risk and compliance processes, specifically for the reporting and task management of PCI audits. It takes business-critical tasks out of spreadsheets, shared drives and email, placing them into an auditable, actionable and secure system.

PCI Security Standards are a set of requirements that must be followed by merchants who accept payment from customers via credit or debit card. The goal of PCI Compliance is to ensure merchants have maximum security controls and protocols when processing payments and handling customer data. You can learn more about PCI Compliance by downloading the What is PCI Compliance Whitepaper here.

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Benefits of being PCI compliant include assuring customers of quality control when shopping with you, while improving your reputation amongst banks and credit card companies.

In this context, the role of IntelligenceBank’s PCI Compliance application is to make this process easy to manage and track. In addition, it provides enhanced security around the PCI management process, as a spreadsheet is not auditable and inherently a poor way to manage this vital business process.

You can learn more about implementing a stable, secure PCI compliance portal by reading the PCI Compliance Whitepaper. If you would like to know more about How IntelligencBank GRC streamlines PCI compliance, please contact a friendly member of our sales team.

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